Wired’s Smart List 2009

September 30, 2009

I’ve been so bored with politics. After a while, it’s all the same. It can turn so ugly. Talking about politics can revert a well-adjusted adult into a crying, screaming, name-calling child.

Today I read the Smart List, and even though some of the ideas are crazy, it’s so good to hear something completely out of the box like “Embrace Human Cloning.” Not because I agree, but because it’s good to hear an idea about saving the world that has nothing to do with marches or political parties or campaigns.

Like cloning, there are a couple more crazies, but there are also really interesting ideas like “Open the Prison Gates” or “Cut Africa Loose.” Take a minute and see what you think.

I Got Your Sanctions- Take that Iran!

September 30, 2009


So the “tiny country” that poses no threat is defying the US and our sovereign leader and has been caught building another nuclear plant.  The really pathetic thing about the whole situation is that the news comes right on the heels of the G20 meetings. While our president gives beautiful speeches ponitificating on a world where there are no more nuclear weapons, our scariest enemy with the scariest dictator is building up new ones right under our nose. And now our president is in a hard place. God knows that World War 3 is not something I would ever ask for, but how can our president be tough on Ahmadina-d-bag the Holocaust denier, and get them to “tear down” those weapons?

Well, we got our answer from our President just a couple days ago. And here it is— Sanctions, yeah you heard me sanctions. Here is the video of Obama’s full response. And as you watch notice the commanding presence with which he delivers it.

Thank you Mr. President for clarifying once again, that Iran has a right to nuclear energy. That’s good, let the wackjob who is bent on destroying Israel and The Great Satan, America ,have it. Oh and I also love the stop it or else… we’ll do something you won’t really like very much part too. That’s the way to get to him. I’m sure Ahmadina-d-bag is quaking in his boots after that. Or… not so much.

So to help our President out, I have developed a list of possible sanctions he can add that I think will really make Iran think twice about finishing that nuclear plant. because obviously, the other ones  just aren’t cutting it.  So here they are:

1. We should ban the import of burkas into the US from Iran, that’s right, ban the burkas. That will totally annihilate the burka exporting industry that Iran is so dependent on.

2. No more luxury vacationing in Iran by Americans. I know it’s a touristic hotspot, but if we put our foot down and stop traveling there, those plants will come down for sure.

3. We will ban the import of all Iranian food to the US. That’s right we don’t want your Koo-Koo Seeb-zamini or Dolme Felfel. So you can just keep it. No more soup for you! Crush the Iranian food export industry!

and finally

4. Americans will no longer listen and jam out to Iranian music. The Iranian music industry will suffer harshly from that one. Cue the Iranian music here: music.htm

So there you have it. I think if our President could just incorporate these sanctions into the ones he wants, Iran will listen, all will be good, there will be no more nuclear bombs, and I should win the Nobel Prize for Peace.


PS: Allahpundit wrote an excellent piece on the Iran problem at Hotair. He ends by asking how the dynamics in Iran would be different in Saddam were still in charge in Iraq. An interesting thought and one for which I am glad we don’t have to know the answer.

Britney’s New “Single”

September 29, 2009

I get on twitter this morning and the top trending topic is Britney’s new song. I’m not really a fan, but I did like her when I was a teenager and she was singing “Sometimes” and “baby, one more time” but she is just such trash now. Evidence- her new songs about 3 ways and Perez Hilton praises it blogging “living in sin is in!”

here’s the song, the album artwork is really cute. And believe it or not, she works “Peter, Paul and Mary” into the chorus.

I feel bad for Britney in a way because she’s worked her way up the ladder and pigeonholed herself into one thing- selling sex. The girl CAN NOT sing so she keeps churning out these ridiculous songs with her synthysized voice on top.

And she’s got no way out- there’s no way she could ever be a serious artist. She has to know that so she keeps doing the only thing she knows to do. I keep hoping eventually, she’ll just give up.

The Essentials

September 28, 2009

by Andrea Burke

The best in entertainment this week:

1.    Her Fearful Symmetry in bookstores Sept. 29

2.   The Brothers Bloom on DVD Sept. 29

3.    How I Met Your Mother: Season 4 and 30 Rock: Season 3 on DVD Sept 29

4.    The Invention of Lying in theaters Oct 2

5.    Paramore’s New CD Sept 29

6.    Steve Carrell on Jay Leno 9:00 Oct 1 on NBC

7.    Capitalism: A Love Story Oct 2- I’ll post on WHY later this week

8.    Flash Forward 7:00 Thursday nights on ABC- You can catch episode 1 at ABC.com

9.    Danny Pudi on Community 8:30 Thursdays on NBC

10.  And my guilty pleasure: Desperate Housewives premiered Sunday night- catching it on ABC.com

Hanna’s Hotties and Notties

September 27, 2009



Ok, so I know this weeks Hotties and Notties is kind of obvious. I mean, of course Tom Delay is the Nottie. But seriously, did you see his performance on Dancing with the Stars? Total embarrassment!!! After watching it in horror and disconcert, I had to wonder if ABC did it on purpose to make him look like a complete fool. And he’s an idiot for letting the network do that to him if that was in deed the intent. Ew, I mean just even thinking about it again is making me totally cringe. I swear after watching his performance, I am going to have nightmares of Tom Delay shaking his butt at me and sensually mouthing “wild thing” as he plays the air guitar; but enough of that! If you happened to miss it, here it is. Go ahead, try and stomach it and you will see why he will forever remain a total Nottie.

His dance partner Cheryl Burke is the Hottie. I mean, not only is she always beautiful, and a talented dancer, she was so gracious to her absurd awkward partner. I can only imagine her reaction when she saw who her partner for the season would be, yet she danced her heart out carrying them to another week on the show. Now I have to wonder what’s next for the two. After last week’s “Wild Thing,” I just hope it’s not “Great Balls of Fire.” Cheryl, honey, best of luck. And for putting up with Tommy boy, you are a true Hottie.


My MMM MMM MMM Barack Hussein Obama Chant

September 26, 2009


A couple of days ago, I showed the “shock” video of the small school children chanting to Obama. So last night, I decided to write my own version. And for all you libs out there that I know I will probably offend, just chill. I’m having fun! Here it goes.

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

He went an passed the stimulus, and then the economy went bust.

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

He says he’s a bipartisan, but only if you agree with him.

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

To run our country he hired czars, and he wants us to drive hybrid cars.

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

He can’t talk with out his teleprompter, when he tries he says “uumm” and “errrr.”

Mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama

He says he’s all for hope and change, but he just gives me stomach pains.

Mmm mmm mmm.

-Hanna loves 27

PS: I got sent this version via Twitter last night from The Rex Report and thought it was funny too!

Einstein would have to cheat off him, He’s so god-like the heaven’s dim.

Mmm mmm mmm.

If you guys want to add your own, get those creative juices flowing. I’d love to see what you come up with. Just don’t get inappropriate, or we’ll block ya.

A Brilliant Speech from A Brilliant Man

September 25, 2009

Now this is how you give a speech. Someone in our government should take notes. Hmmmmm… Oh, and FYI, the very best part starts around the 5 minute mark.


I Do Want to Stay

September 25, 2009


I may way behind, but I have just recently discovered this brilliant, soulful artist, Laura Izibor.  It’s hard to believe, but at just 20 years old, the talented songstress from Dublin, Ireland wrote and co-produced her latest album called Let the Truth Be Told.  I hope as you listen you get lost in the richness of the vocals and melodies like I do. She makes it easy to, I promise.



September 24, 2009

I can’t be anything but fair and balanced, maybe Fox News means it as a pun, but I still believe there are 2 sides to every story, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle- not on the left or right.

Take Van Jones. You can see Hanna’s post on Jones for the right side of the story. After he resigned, Arianna Huffington wrote an column called “Thank You Glenn Beck.” The Jones Huffington knew was completely different than the one Beck painted. And I think you can find the most honest portrait by looking at them both.

Beck’s Jones was a compilation of sound bites and warnings about what he’d do, while Huffington is friends with Jones, she calls him “a thoughtful leader” and actually recounts the time she asked him about the 9/11 truther thing.

So much information has been rolling around in my head about Beck, his followers, the administration, the truth, but this morning something connected: Republicans stand for small government- they want their freedom of choice, to live their own lives how they want, to face whatever consequences come with those choices, but when Beck essentially lets loose big brother, no one speaks up about freedom?

When Beck pulls a Minority Report and predicts what someone is capable of through one clip (like Cass Sunstein) then tells his viewers to look up videos of his chosen prey, why aren’t you adverse to that? All he needs are 2 or 3 sound bites, mistakes, videos and he washes his hands before calling an entire life corrupt.

If you recognize a tax on Coke could lead in a direction towards taxing many other “sin” items like Hanna’s choices “cookies, cream, candy bars, and cakes,” Why can’t you recognize where this new form of one sided journalism could lead?

It could be you. They can turn your life into a single sound bite to discuss, criticize, and speculate on without asking you a single question, without interviewing one of your friends or neighbors. They’ll talk to people who only know you through a 45 second clip and dismiss that there’s any other truth.

By this method, I have no doubt that every single living person could be taken down.

If you are worried about our future of freedom, then I don’t see how Coke prices rank higher than the future of honest, unbiased journalism.

Update to Indoctrination

September 24, 2009

Um, I don’t know where this school is, or the details, but I saw  this video on Drudge and it freaks me out!  More brilliant education indoctrination from our public school systems! Be sure to watch the ENTIRE clip.

I don’t know about you, but stuff like this makes me think even more seriously about homeschooling when I get the opportunity.


Update: For more information on this video, here is a link.