So I am sure by now, just about everyone has heard that President Obama is going to address the public schools on September 8. And not only is he going to speak to all children that attend the school system, but teachers should also follow certain guidelines to make the most of the unprecedented event.

To be sure there has been much debate over whether or not the event is a form of indoctrination, and to a certain degree I fear it may be. As a former public school teacher, I understand the pliability of the young learner’s mind. But I must be quick to point out that I am someone who utterly disagrees with our president on just about every policy he wants to inflict on our country be it health care reform, his multitude of czars, cap and trade, and everything in between. Because of the vehement disagreements I hold with Obama over the direction of our great country, the last thing I want is him addressing our young, impressionable children. And I cannot blame parents for allowing their children to skip school that day.

But what if our current president was Ronald Reagan? And what if Reagan wanted to address all the public schools? Would I be so quick to criticise Reagan for what he might say? Would I be so quick to jump up and scream “indoctrination” if it were a president I loved,  admired, and trusted?  This situation is certainly a cunundrum, and one  in which I am glad I do not have to partake.



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  2. Tere Ervin (Facebook: Tere French Ervin) says:


    First off, let me tell you that I knew you when you were a little girl and watched you grow while you and your wonderful family were members @ WBC.

    My daughter, Claire, will not be watching the political propaganda that BHO is trying to bottle feed these children (and many adult Americans). If it were Reagan, I’d be less alarmed. He stood on a political platform which reflect my morals & beliefs.

    That being said, I wanted to let you know that several years ago (unfortunately my aging mind cannot recall the date, exact location, or the whys), Pres. Bush tried to deliver a speech from a Jr. High School. He was highly criticized for this event by the same ppl who now applaud the efforts of Obama.

  3. Hannaloves27 says:

    Thank you Tere so much for your comments and for visiting our blog! How could I ever forget my days at Woodland or your family. Please post anytime. We always welcome what you would have to say!

  4. slaterradio says:

    I’m with ya, Hanna. I was so happy to read your take on this, and even happier that most SlaterRaiders feel this way, too.

  5. Hannaloves27 says:

    Aw, Thanks Slater! You’re the best!

  6. greg says:

    ok…here’s my take. i have had some of the same questions hanna. my daughter is in 2nd grade here in the public schools. my frustration is that we have seen nothing addressing this at all. we at this point do not know whether or not they will be watching. I can say though that i will be talking to her that afternoon and will find out what is said from her. thankfully we have that kind of relationship. I have determined that parental involvement is the key no matter what the school setting it is. and we have done private, homeschool and now public. we as parents have to be open with our kids and let them talk to us. we have to instill OUR values in them. they are still with us much more than with any teacher….at least for now…just waiting for that mandate to come out of this administration…”Kids Need More Time in Schools”

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      You are spot on. And I think you can actually watch the president’s address the night before on the internet too. But I’m not sure where.

  7. Leanne says:

    A little late on this post but…

    I oppose any government official speaking to a captive audience (ie – children) about things outside the realm of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. Anything else, in my opinion, infringes on the domain of parents, and should not be in the president’s job description. Although having someone of my political beliefs do the same might make it easier to swallow, I would have to exercise restraint and say it is always out of place.

    As a side note, I think you can draw a similar analysis to prayer in schools.

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      Thanks Leanne,

      I agree wtih you completely. Presidents should probably just stay out of the classroom completely so there’s no line we need to worry about. Although, now after hearing the speech, it really didn’t bother me all that much. Thanks so much for you comment!

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