Hanna raised important questions in her last post Indoctrination: “Would I be so quick to criticise Reagan for what he might say? Would I be so quick to jump up and scream “indoctrination” if it were a president I loved,  admired, and trusted?”

Let me be clear, you do not have to agree with Obama, but why can’t you listen and weigh what he says?

From the beginning of his presidential campaign, people have dismissed him.  He’s Muslim, he’s the anti-Christ, he’s not American, he’s a racist, also the target of racism The night he became elected, dozens (maybe more like hundreds) of college students updated their facebook status to “Moving to Europe” “Praying for our country in this time of trouble.”  the examples are endless:

Obama is a Nazi

“Obama Tags”

The right wing media (specifically 105.3 in Jackson) is asking listeners what they’ll do with their kids next Tuesday, insinuating that taking them out of school is an option. I have to ask, why?

Are you afraid that listening to the speech really will somehow indoctrinate them? That maybe Obama is embedding subliminal messages which will turn your kids into far left super liberals begging you for health care reform?

And isn’t it indoctrination on your part if you only show your child one side of the story and refuse to even let him hear the president speak?

Instead of taking your child out of school, why can’t you talk about what your child heard, teach your child to think for himself using the values you have instilled in them instead of perpetuating all the blatant intolerance we’ve seen of the President.

Hear me on this: Obama is not perfect. I disagree with him nearly as much as I agree, but I think its great he wants to talk to the kids. If yours comes home in a liberal-zombie state, let me know.


2 Responses to Intolerance

  1. […] Reagan’s address This pertains to both “Indoctrination” and “Intolerance“ […]

  2. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith says:

    *section deleted*…court hearing on Obama’ fraud, lies and tricking
    Be there in force and protest Obama. Yell it like town hall.
    Obama’s the Antichrist and this the Revelation and Apocalypse.
    He frauded his ID to get the Potus post.
    By lies he got the nuke bomb at his beck and call.
    Nukes’re a grave matter he can blow up the planet in 1 second. High Treason.
    FBI arrest him: try him; send him to Death Row. Life-prison for doing Treason to world’s highest post: Potus.

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