The Hunger Games

hunger-gamesThe wait is over! Catching Fire, The second book in the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins hit book stores on Tuesday. If you’re saying “but Andrea I’ve never even heard of the Hunger Games,” here’s the bottom line-

It goes like this: in the ruins of America, there’s a lottery each year- 24 teenagers are chosen to compete in the hunger games- called this because the home district of the winner will receive extra food for the coming year. It’s a televised extreme fight to the death and only one player can survive.

When Katniss’s small sister “wins” the lottery, Kat volunteers to take her place. Just the jumping off point.

Long story short- I love this book. It’s action-packed, well-paced, and somehow, Collins throws in a little romance.

Hunger Games: A

Catching Fire- I’ll let you know…


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