One Brave Voice


Catherine Bragg is my new hero. So who who is Catherine Bragg you may ask? Well, let me tell you. Catherine Bragg is you… and me. She is the new and improved “Joe the Plumber.” She is the quintessental, all-American, small business owner who is struggling tirelessly to make this country great. And she is the angry mob.

Cathrine Bragg had the courage to show up to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s (D. CA) town hall meeting and passionately and elequantly say what so many of us concerned conservatives feel. She does not back down and she offers solutions to the health care problems that are facing our country. And I love her for it. If you want to feel inspired; if you need to know you are not alone, then watch Catherine Bragg and feel proud to be an angry American Mobster once again.


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