Glenn Beck Project: Day 1

Day 1: Uneventful. Beck had a sub for his radio program, so I didn’t listen, and after watching his 1 hour TV show, I realized maybe 1 hour a day with Beck (as apposed to 3) is enough to start.

I’ll be taking notes on all of this. I now follow Beck on twitter, and I’m about to sign up for his newsletter. Today’s show, Death of Small Business, was set up with an audience of about 50 small business owners who Beck talked to, asked questions of. A couple other Foxnews personalities sat on the front row.

The only incident of drama came when a woman said she was glad the stimulus package gave money to the National Endowment for the Arts (Beck made the point earlier in the show that the arts program recieved more $ than small buisness in the stimulus).  A guy started yelling “They make porn.”

My Bottom Line: I was bored. Beck picked a room of small business owners and only let 4 or 5 talk, and of course I was wary from the beginning because he (more likely his people) picked this group, and no one said anything that wasn’t 100% conservative except Ms. Arts and everyone else in the room turned on her fast.

Today’s program did raise some questions that I’ll report back with when I have answers.

Day 1 was fine at best, but I’m hoping Beck brings out the crazy or goes back to hunting down the czars tomorrow.


One Response to Glenn Beck Project: Day 1

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