Glenn Beck Project: Day 2

Day 2: Here’s the Beck I’ve heard tell of!

Even though my Info button told me yesterday’s episode was new, I think it must have been pre-recorded because today’s episode should have been on yesterday- today was all about Van Jones.

I know from reviewing Beck’s twitter account that Van Jones was a high priority enemy for Beck. He tweeted against Jones a dozen times in September alone. As you know, I don’t usually watch Beck, and if he did break Van Jones story, congrats to he and his team. The czars should be questioned and America should be well informed on each one.

So, nice work Beck, but did you really have to do a run down on how awesome you’re reporting is? “The mainstream media got it wrong 6 ways.” Did I really need to see a video montage of every story he did on Jones in the last months?

But what really stuck out was his use of “we” and “you” as he looks into the camera, into the eye of his audience. Examples from today: 

“Some people want to make it about politics instead of the truth. I will always tell you the truth, even when it hurts me.”

“You’re intelligent. I won’t treat you like an idiot.”

“We have done a lot of good together.”

“More radicals surround him (Obama). You must remain focused.”

As for the former czar, Beck used the analogy of an iceburg- Jones has just fallen below the surface. “Van Jones is more dangerous- this isn’t a victory it’s a diversion.” He asks the audience what they would do if they captained a ship heading for that ice burg. “FULL STOP!” says Beck.

He also spent a segment talking to Michelle Malkin, Hanna’s favorite, about the new green job czar. Basically he’s a really terrible person. blah blah. These two shake their heads at the blindness of the American people. (But don’t forget Beck thinks YOU are intelligent) Malkin gets so angry that America didn’t listen to her warnings about Carol Browning, Beck can’t shut her up and has to go commercial while she keeps talking.

The last segment was dedicated to promoting his 9/12 event coming this Saturday.

To wrap up, Beck gets away with the we and I, with his brand of intimacy with his audience because he’s put himself in the trenches with his fans. Twice he said the left was after him. He said ” OUR constitution is under attack” He also named the ship heading for the Van Jones iceburg the S.S. Constitution. He said The left has doctored pictures and websites against him that hurt his children. He confessed his alcoholism I’m sure his usual viewers already knew about, but it was a vulnerable moment as he told a story of being so drunk he couldn’t remember tucking his kids in.

I see how he’s formed such a dedicated fan base. He’s not sending you alone on a mission, he’s in it himself. And even though he has advantages: fame, money, a huge platform, he does everything he can to convey that he’s just another American fighting for a cause he believes in.


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