Hump Day Pick-Me-Up


cropped-012.jpgWednesdays are about to become my new favorite day of the week all thanks to Fox. Two shows are starting tonight that have become fast favorites of mine.

The first is So You Think You Can Dance. I have to admit that I am a newcomer to  SYTYCD, but after just one season, I have already become hopelessly addicted. The stories of the dancers on the show are endearing. I love hearing what many of them have overcome. But the main reason I love the show so much is the passion these young people have for their craft. And though God knows I have NO talent for dance, but I still  identify with their passion and I soak it up…like a sponge. The dances will make you laugh, cry, and leap for joy, and that’s just in one show!!! If you haven’t yet, give it a try; I guarantee you will get hooked as well. If you don’t, your simply not human.


The second show premiering  after SYTYCD is Glee. Imagine singing, dancing, musical theater, evil cheerleaders, football players, and love. And that’s just in highschool of course! I love this show, because the nerdy kids in the “Glee Club”( the musical song and dance club) were… me in high school. Trust me, my little theater-loving self can totally relate.  Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry makes me laugh and cry, because I remember going through high school feeling invisible but wanting so badly to believe I would be a star.  The kids in Glee Club are the underdogs, the tools, the total misfits, but with lots of potential and heart.  And if that’s not enough, there’s the inspired teacher, played by Matthew Morrison,  who’s tries so hard to save Glee Club from obscurity and to make it something special. Will he and his group of unlikely hero’s become the stars of the school? Will the Glee Club be saved; or will the other jealous coaches bring them all down? I guess we will just have to stay tuned and watch. But I for one “won’t stop believin!”



One Response to Hump Day Pick-Me-Up

  1. andreaburke says:

    love both of these shows- and the other one that comes on Weds, but I always catch it online- Project Runway.

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