The end of Acorn

A few days ago, when Glenn Beck premiered the video of Acorn workers giving advice to an undercover prostitute, I was skeptical of how the video would affect the organization.

But now with more videos surfacing, I say one time can be a mistake- there can be bad employees in a good organization, but with several separate videos surfacing from several different centers where the employees  gave completely illegal advice every time, Acorn is done.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“On Monday, the U.S. Senate voted 83-7 to strip Acorn, the premier community organizing group on the left, of more than $1.6 million in federal housing money meant to assist low-income people obtain loans and prepare tax forms. This dramatic step followed last Friday’s decision by the U.S. Census Bureau to sever its ties with the organization, one of several community groups it was partnering with to conduct the nation’s head count.”

I was wrong about the future of Acorn- the tides have definitely turned for them, but I’ll never apologize for hoping for the best. Now we have been given what I was asking for in my earlier post- proof that it’s not just one Acorn center, the corruption is wide-spread.

BUT the videos don’t condemn the idea of community organizing all together, although I think the media might start saying that ALL community organizations are corrupt like Acorn. And that’s what is vital to be careful of- throwing out a great idea because of a bad egg, dismissing someone because of a single mistake, throwing out an entire system because of a snag.

The more I watch the News, the more I think someone has to be absolutely perfect to be in office, or to lead this country. As a Christian, I know NO ONE can be that perfect, and I feel for anyone under the attack of the media, because if that glare was turned on you or me, we would all be found lacking.

On the other hand, I don’t really feel so bad for an organization that would stand by and watch illegal immigrants be forced into the sex trade. Thus comes the end of Acorn. Good riddance


5 Responses to The end of Acorn

  1. B. Bennett says:

    “Community Organizations” don’t have to go away, they just need to be local and based on a real need of that local community. You know… like a church based shelter or soup kitchen.

    The reason ACORN is so corrupt on a national scale is because their mission presupposes that poverty and discrimiation is the same for everyone nationally, and that government (Democrats) is the only answer to helping the problem. Thus, cutting out the important COMPASSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL from the help equation.

    Consequently, in order for a behemouth like ACORN to survive, they must also work tirelessly to enslave their clients to the Democrats who hole the purse strings.

    IMO this is why I believe the ACORN workers – every one! – didn’t bat an eye when the sex slave trade was breached. They know it well. Too well. Even to the point of discouraging the denying an education to the future prostitutes. Hmm. Just like slave owners of our sad past. How ironic.

  2. frank l kinney says:

    wide spread corruption in acorn organization! but look at the type of corruption we are talking about too? voter fraud! sex slave trafficers of children? smuggling? housing for non citizens of united states? TELLING people how to cheat system advice? people in charged of this organization are guilty of NOTHING but bad apple employees? we are talking about organized crime and our president gives this organization money to support acorn to register voters 800,000 dollars worth? for his financial political gain? housing acorn president obama files lawsuit on behalf of this organization to give minorities with poop poor credit histories loans? but acorn video’s don’t condemn all community organizations say corrupt like acorn? but are all connected to them nobody knows that question for sure do they? 270 organizations are connected to acorn are they not? so how can one say not all community organizations are not bad” when nobody knows just who are all the organizations connected to acorn? example SAY MADD” come out in support of illegal immigration voice? in fact it seems most organizations voice there support for illegal invaders activities religion? rabbis? judicial? legislations across america? open borders ports still? yes our wonderful community organizations like isreal american education foundation? americans for save ISREAL? planned parenthoods? school unions give money in support of homosexual marriage? school unions? acorn schools connection children well being and protection and prosperity to what gang memberships? what seems to be the argument is who are all the organizations that are connected to ACORN and just who funds them you think? goverment only gives them 40% of their funds nice? what about other 60 percent of funds? INDEPENDENT truth justice and and americans want to know way? michigan little big horn AMEN.

  3. B. Bennett says:

    I think I might agree with you on several points, but without the use of complete sentences I can’t be sure. 🙂

    As for not being sure that ALL organizations aren’t corrupt? I suggest that cutting them all off from FEDERAL funding sources would provide an excellent litmus test. If they can continue on LOCAL/STATE FUNDING, then they are truly local/community-based and truly needed.

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      Thanks for your comments! B., your comparison of Acorn to slavery in this instance with the prositution was excellent! It is sad that we are giving money to instituitions like this. Hopefully it won’t be for much longer! Andrea and I appreciate you checking out our blog!

      • B. Bennett says:

        Not at all. I am going to remain cynical until I see something REAL happen, RE: ACORN. What I suspect will happen, is either the money will dry up for outlets ‘named’ ACORN and go towards the hundreds of OTHER organizations that pretty much do the same things (political activism, mixed with 21st Century brown shirt training) and they will just have to be a little more “discriminating” when it comes to being “honest” with the people who come to them.

        There will be a backlash from all the “racist” name calling, of course, but that will be tempered by the fact that the media won’t cover the REALITY of who the new patriot American is.

        M. Waters just called for the media to start “interviewing” everyone out there so that American can “see what these ‘teabaggers’ are all about.” The problem is… that the media KNOWS if they interview the people who are attending the tea parties, they’ll get nothing of the sort. They’ll get more real Americans who just don’t like Obama’s policies, and they will be harder and harder pressed to call these people racists.

        Here’s my prediction: The new “racist” will be “ideologues” in the lexicon of media speak from the Ministry of Truth.

        Conservatives will be called radical ideologues, which will be code for racist to the liberals.

        This will also fail eventually, but I fear too late for health care. Once we get into the real flu season, the media will hype up the crisis mode as dozens and dozens die… causing Obama to simply enact “His Plan” without congress (as they are lame anyway) FOR THE SAFETY OF THE PEOPLE!

        Mandatory vaccinations? Maybe.

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