I’ll pass on Glee

The first episode was okay.

The second episode was alright.

Third up, third strike and it’s out!!!

Wed. was my last night of watching Glee *sniff* I had such hopes for this show. I love musicals, LOVE them. I loved that America loved High School Musical, even though it was cheesy, and at first, I was all, YES- people love Glee and its a musical on TV!

And the cast is stellar- Jane Lynch from Role Models, Best in Show, 40-year old Virgin? Always hilarious. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, originated the female lead in Tony Award winning Spring Awakening. Mr. Schuester,  Matthew Morrison, earned a Tony nomination for his role in Light in the Piazza. He also had roles in Footloose, South Pacific, and as Link in Hairspray.

But the characters on Glee seem to be chosen from stock “quirky” characters. Finn reprises Zac Efron’s original role, Emma Pillsbury is OCD neat and clean (is that supposed to make her cute?), there’s the gay guy in show choir, and over-ambitious star Rachel, and Mr. Shuester is always happy, no matter what- does he seem like an air head to anyone else? Jane Lynch is the only funny part.

And the story-lines are so contrived. Take episode 3- Mercedes tried to get with a gay boy and Mr. Schuester starts his own acapella group called acafellas. Acafellas are an immeadiate hit- they get favorable reviews in the newspapers- they are selling out large venues- just not believeable. Every story feels contrived in order to infuse more dance/song numbers into the show. I mean, the singing and dancing is the best part, but the story shouldn’t have to work  so super hard to set up the song- i.e. Glee has a random car wash just so Mercedes can break the window of Kurts car, and therefore sing the corresponding song. (That number was awesome. Amber Riley can sing and dance.)

Even though I won’t be watching full episodes, I’ll still watch the musical numbers, I will just be fast-forwarding through the lame part that is the rest of the show.


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