Where’s All the Abortions?

012On ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, one of the main characters, Karen, gets pregnant and as the story goes, the pregnancy is UNWANTED.  Needless to say she runs to the abortion clinic in her Jimmy Choos to deal with the unpleasant situation, but suddenly has a change of heart and cannot go through with it. (How truly brave of her.) So I got to thinking.  This particular situation comes up often on TV and in movies and yet 9 times out of 10 the pro-choice Hollywood writers let the characters keep the babies rather than abort them- think Sex in the City and Juno.  I wonder why that is? If abortion is such a safe, common, and easy procedure -hell it’s not even a baby- then why not depict abortions on TV and in movies? Why not let the characters like Karen actually go through with it and get on with her life?  Because after all, we don’t want her dealing with the stress of being “punished with a baby” do we?





2 Responses to Where’s All the Abortions?

  1. Greg says:


    Im trying to follow with the blog more. I like this assessment and I really think its something we talked about the other night. No one in their right mind, liberal or conservative, thinks that aborting a baby is right. The problem is the stereotypes, if you are liberal you must be for abortion and if your conservative you must be against it. It’s ridiculous. The odd thing is that in this case, liberals don’t believe the government should tell a woman what to do with her body, but do want the government telling them everything else. Conservatives want the government to invoke morals, but ill be darn if they want to take away assault rifles.
    Im starting to enjoy the blog, two-sided approach, actual news as opposed to campaigning.

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      Thanks Greg! I had this same talk last week in LA. I agree with your point about conservatives. It can seem to be an oxymoron of sorts! Thanks for the comment.

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