The White House Cry Babies


Yesterday, President Obama made the rounds of Sunday shows to try and sell his and Axlerod’s new version of the Health Care Bill. All the rounds accept Fox that is. News anchor Chris Wallace was the only Sunday anchor who was not granted an interview. Chris Wallace had this to say about the current administration:

I think by calling the President and his staff the biggest bunch of crybabies he’s seen in the last 30 years, it’s safe to say that the chances of him ever getting an interview with the president are over. But he’s right. So Fox News leans right. Of course we know that, it’s obvious. But didn’t President Obama want to bring our country together? So what better way is there than to face the conservative news juggernaut? I found this old video of our President promising bipartisanship and unity, but clearly we have come along way since the debates.

How many bills such as health care has our President tried to push through without any Republican voice? More broken promises? And now one way he can help unite this country is by not being afraid to go into the Lion’s Den which is Chris Wallace and Fox News (I know they’re so scary!!!) and discuss Health Care in front of Conservative viewers. It turns me off that he doesn’t want to go on the show.  Our president wants to push his agenda regardless of the fact the majority of Americans don’t want it. Where’s the respect and what’s he trying to hide?  Face Chris Wallace, let the millions of Americans that tune into Fox News hear your side, and in the words of the Fox News Anchor, stop being such a big crybaby!



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