How could I forget?

Years and years ago, my dad brought home Alias season 1. I was hooked from the first episode. The basic premise is centered around the ultimate spy, Sydney Bristow made believable by Jennifer Gardner’s chameleon ways- the girl can rock any hair color, style, language or accent- any disguise. The plot twists and turns at an unprecedented speed introducing great villains, but even better heroes. And of course, there’s a touch of romance.

Alias was created by J.J. Abrams, after he created that angsty WB gem Felicity but before he gained fame for creating Lost and directing last summer’s Star Trek. He wrote over 100 Alias episodes across its 5 seasons.

I watched the first 3 seasons back in the day, and then I must have gotten distracted. Only yesterday did I start season 4, and it is so good. Go rent season 1, but a word of warning – most of the episodes end in cliff-hangers. It’s hard to watch just 1. You might want to start on the weekend.

P.S. When you watch season 1, look for Bradley Cooper who got his start on Alias. You might recognize him from The Hangover or Wedding Crashers.


One Response to How could I forget?

  1. sjsturkie says:

    I love Alias too. Buffy as well. Who says men don’t like tv with strong leading ladies?

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