I Want My Damn Coke, and I Want it Now!


Yet another reason why I would never choose to live in the Socialist Republic of San Fransisco. On September 20, Mayor Gavin Newsom brought back the Coke Tax which would force every store in San Fransisco to pay a tax if they sold any kind of soft drinks, forcing the price to, you got it, sky rocket.  Now the congenial concerned mayor wants this tax on our sweet nectar from heaven to fight the good fight against obesity, because after all,  its the damn cokes that make people fat. I mean, we all know that the evil cokes somehow manage to jump off the shelves into the consumer’s hands, pry open the consumer’s  mouths, and pour themselves down the consumer’s throats, right? Uuummm, not so much!

Mr. Mayor, why can’t you and your liberal, commie friends leave us alone?  We are sick of the so-called hand holding for the so-called “good of the many.”  And  to make matters worse, writer Andrew S. Ross points out that our President likes the idea saying, “the president considered it ‘an idea we should be exploring.'”   So now we have to worry about this kind of tax going national?

 Here’s my fear:  if the government starts taxing cokes out the wazoo to help “curb obesity” (punishing not only the taxpayers, but businesses as well) what’s to stop them from taxing anything the government deems is bad for you! Good bye cookies, cream, candy bars, and cakes. They are all EVIL!!! I mean God-forbid people actually be allowed to make their OWN decisions and DEAL with consequences good or bad. This is still America, right?



7 Responses to I Want My Damn Coke, and I Want it Now!

  1. Jt says:

    Please don’t let them take away my coke zero!

  2. andreaburke says:

    Hold on- this is a PROPOSED tax. And TN already has a similar tax on cigarettes. remember all the toothless people on WBBJ saying they wouldn’t be able to buy them anymore?

    And in the article you linked it says that the WH said Obama isn’t interested in the coke tax.

    Last thing, I just ran across a statistic that says if you drink 1 coke a day it equals 14 pounds a year, so cokes are a little more fattening than I thought.

    Even if it passes in San Fran, there’s no way this is going national. The patented Fox News over-reactions are rubbing off on you!

  3. greg says:

    anndrea its not overreaction….if you look back over the history of this country and the laws that have been passed….many have gotten their “start” in the great state of Cali! And don’t be so naive to think that this president wouldnt say one thing and do another.

  4. andreaburke says:

    Greg, if you want to talk about saying one thing and doing another, did you stand up against the “sin” tax over cigarettes too? That was in our own state. Did you call out, as Hanna did “Commie”? Or does that name only apply when the tax is on things you like?

  5. Hannaloves27 says:

    The problem I have with taxes like the “Coke” tax and also the cig tax here is that govt does it in the name of good will- fighting obesity and such, but that is not true. Government taxes for money and money leads to more power. Mayor Newsom doesn’t care about fighting obesity, he wants more money and more power, and the fear comes, when people start to feel their individual rights to choose to drink or smoke or whatever begin to get hampered.

  6. andreaburke says:

    I understand that fear. But you have to admit its inconsistent with the republicans wanting to regulate marriage through the government. But coke is too sacred to trust them with?

  7. Hannaloves27 says:

    I see where you’re coming from. I don’t want to speak for all Repubs, but I think they stick the marriage debate in the moral column (socially and morally conservative), and the taxes in the economic column (very liberal and total freedom). It’s the conservative dichotomy- morally tight, but fiscally free. At least that’s how I view it.

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