Update to Indoctrination

Um, I don’t know where this school is, or the details, but I saw  this video on Drudge and it freaks me out!  More brilliant education indoctrination from our public school systems! Be sure to watch the ENTIRE clip.

I don’t know about you, but stuff like this makes me think even more seriously about homeschooling when I get the opportunity.


Update: For more information on this video, here is a link.


3 Responses to Update to Indoctrination

  1. greg says:

    where’s the defenders of this? it’s ridiculous. i would pull my child from this even if it meant jail time, simply for the principle of it…..no matter who the president….no one but God alone deserves that kind of adulation and praise!

  2. […] couple of days ago, I showed the “shock” video of the small school children chanting to Obama. So last night, I decided to write my own version. And for all you libs out there that I know I […]

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