Hanna’s Hotties and Notties



Ok, so I know this weeks Hotties and Notties is kind of obvious. I mean, of course Tom Delay is the Nottie. But seriously, did you see his performance on Dancing with the Stars? Total embarrassment!!! After watching it in horror and disconcert, I had to wonder if ABC did it on purpose to make him look like a complete fool. And he’s an idiot for letting the network do that to him if that was in deed the intent. Ew, I mean just even thinking about it again is making me totally cringe. I swear after watching his performance, I am going to have nightmares of Tom Delay shaking his butt at me and sensually mouthing “wild thing” as he plays the air guitar; but enough of that! If you happened to miss it, here it is. Go ahead, try and stomach it and you will see why he will forever remain a total Nottie.

His dance partner Cheryl Burke is the Hottie. I mean, not only is she always beautiful, and a talented dancer, she was so gracious to her absurd awkward partner. I can only imagine her reaction when she saw who her partner for the season would be, yet she danced her heart out carrying them to another week on the show. Now I have to wonder what’s next for the two. After last week’s “Wild Thing,” I just hope it’s not “Great Balls of Fire.” Cheryl, honey, best of luck. And for putting up with Tommy boy, you are a true Hottie.


6 Responses to Hanna’s Hotties and Notties

  1. Wow says:

    I have to say you are a snottie :). show some respect. Would you get up there in front of millions of people? I don’t think so. Just because he is an older man, doesn’t give you the right to insult him or anyone. Grow Up!!! You may not like him, but he has been practicing for 5 weeks now, dancing his butt off. More than you can say.

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      Ok, Mr. Delay, if that’s the best you can do after 5 weeks of rehearsal, I’m even more worried for ya! 🙂 And you don’t know me very well, I would love to dance in front of millions of people!!!

  2. BAB4ever says:

    I agree with your words. Yuck! to Delay. (I am being really really polite in my choice of the first letter of that word before the exclamation mark :)) )

    I dread the next dance = the Tango according to one report! Can you think of anything worse than Delay’s lacivious glances and passionate moves on gorgeous Cheryl. Sexual harrassment set to music!?!?

    I hope voters dump him immediately. The sooner Cheryl gets AWAY from him the better.

    In protest to this callous cynical use of Cheryl by DWTS producers I am boycotting the show until Delay is gone. I am keeping up via after the show coverage. Gad what a nightmare this guy is.

  3. I don’t think he looked any worse than any other 60 yr old man doing that routine would. In fact I think he did pretty well.
    He IS a fool for agreeing to do Dancing with the Stars.
    Yes, Cheryl is hot!

  4. Wow says:

    Hanna, I doubt they would want you on Dwts. lol. Who are you by the way? Oh yeah, you just write blogs insulting people. Tom Delay did very well in my opinion. All politics aside. Not too shabby. He was very entertaining and danced better than Ashley and Macy. Again, you just write blogs.

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