Britney’s New “Single”

I get on twitter this morning and the top trending topic is Britney’s new song. I’m not really a fan, but I did like her when I was a teenager and she was singing “Sometimes” and “baby, one more time” but she is just such trash now. Evidence- her new songs about 3 ways and Perez Hilton praises it blogging “living in sin is in!”

here’s the song, the album artwork is really cute. And believe it or not, she works “Peter, Paul and Mary” into the chorus.

I feel bad for Britney in a way because she’s worked her way up the ladder and pigeonholed herself into one thing- selling sex. The girl CAN NOT sing so she keeps churning out these ridiculous songs with her synthysized voice on top.

And she’s got no way out- there’s no way she could ever be a serious artist. She has to know that so she keeps doing the only thing she knows to do. I keep hoping eventually, she’ll just give up.

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