Letterman’s confession

by Andrea Burke

Last night, Letterman confessed to sexual affairs.

Letterman is obviously trying to get ahead of the story, so that when the extortionist was caught and charged, the newspapers wouldn’t be able to reveal anything Letterman hadn’t already revealed himself.

I don’t watch Letterman (or Leno) because I don’t think they are particularly funny. But If I did watch Letterman and loved his show, I wouldn’t turn my back on him because I’m not sure how much his affairs effect his ability to host his show. I wouldn’t (don’t) want to even know about his sex life. He’s really old.

But it raises an interesting question to me- how much do you think we should know about entertainers? Is there a line between public and private or does an entertainer sacrifice a right to make mistakes when he or she attains fame?

If an entertainer is corrupt, should the world boycott their music, movies, books, etc? Or can great art still come from someone completely messed up?


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