Zombieland Review

by Andrea Burke

Holy crow. This movie was so unpredictably, unbelievably good.

First, let’s talk random but excellent cast. Jesse Eisenburg (recently seen in the disappointing Adventureland) as the dry-witted wimp combined with Woody Harrelson as the country-fied zombie killing machine equals awesome. The two boys eventually join forces with Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine and Emma Stone who you might have caught in supporting roles in The House Bunny or Ghost of Girlfriends Past.

The cast also includes one of my very favorites actors ever, but I’ll let you be surprised who it is.

Story Line: Basically the world is taken over by zombies. But this movie’s got everything- romance, horror, action, drama and tons of laughs- thanks to the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who seem to have dropped out of nowhere and the director Ruben Fleisher whose biggest gig until now seems to be directing 3 episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live (I can’t believe it myself- what a success story)

The humor stems from the writer’s clever swings between tragedy and comedy. Lately, the comedy genre has turned into a contest to try to see how many stupid things one character can do in 2 hours (take a look at Will Ferrell’s latest movies) whereas the characters in Zombieland deal with life and death in every scene, giving gravity to all the funny things that happen whether it be the presentation of The Rules to surviving Zombieland (and the smart way they are graphically incorporated) such as rule #1 Cardio or #2 Double Tap, Or the interactions of Eisenburg’s and Harrelson’s characters. Actually, pretty much every time Harrelson opened his mouth, I was rolling.

But a word of warning- There is A LOT of blood. Tons. So just be prepared to cover your eyes a bit.

The bottom line: This is one of the best movies I’ve seen all year.



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