Fact Check This


On SNL last Saturday night (heehee), they did a sketch that made fun of the fact that Obama had not been able to accomplish anything in the first nine months he has been in office. You can see the really bad impersonation, but funny monologue here:


What you may find unbelievable is the fact that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer decided to “fact check” the SNL skit poking fun of president Obama.

Where’s the sense of humor, Wolf?   I mean are you guys so sensitive that you can’t take a wittle jokie-wokie?  Did that mean ole Fred Armistan just take things too far?  Well, I would love to know where CNN was when SNL was poking fun at Sarah Palin or her husband Todd, during the campaign. I guess they didn’t care about “fact checking” things then.


One Response to Fact Check This

  1. kev says:

    No joke. When SNL was poking fun at Palin (and McCain…and Bush), I’m sure CNN was watching intently. Oh, but it wasn’t so CNN could fact check. It was so CNN could cheer along. 😉

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