It looks like the president is back and ready to fight hard once again for so called health care reform. He spoke to a group of doctors, all in favor of  his health care changes, mind you, and then posed with them for a nice, neat, little photo-op.

Now all this was done in a renewed effort to get the American public to believe that health care reform is what most doctors think is best for all of us. And the picture certainly makes it seem that way, but what the Whitehouse won’t tell you is that this particular group of doctors was personally invited by the president and most are members of Doctors for America, an organization that wants government run health care.  The problem I have with photo-0ps lobama-and-docsike this is that it sends a misguided message to the American people. A message to me that says, I am the president, I know what’s best for you, and all doctors support me; at least that’s how my ultra-conservative eyes see it.

When will the president and those in Congress wake up and realize the American people do not want healthcare shoved down our throats? We do not want sweeping changes to our health care system.  How many more polls, how many more tea parties, or marches on Washington, before our elected officials listen? Enough with the charade and enough with the propagandizing. That is not what the American people need.

This is what we do need. Charles Krauthammer explains the kind of real reforms our health care system could use. He mentions two things, tort reform, and severing employer-provided health insurance.  Those two things along with allowing people to choose insurance plans from across the country are real solutions; and not just  pretty little propandaganda-ish photo-ops.


PS: Like always, Michelle Malkin brilliantly shed’s light on the little stunt pulled by Whitehouse. Read it and learn!

3 Responses to Propaganda?

  1. sjsturkie says:

    That Krauthammer article should be required reading for all elected officials. Not one could refute the merits of the case for real reform. In fact, David Axelrod can’t explain why allowing health insurance to be sold across stateliness is not included in Obamacare plan.

    Watch this:

    Simply put, it is not in their agenda. This whole health care debate is about concentrating power in DC and creating as many zero-liability voters as possible to ensure the statist democrats never lose power. This is the biggest power grab since FDR.

  2. […] in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet has no problem with spending trillions on big government programs like health care, stimulus, and cap and trade. Priorities […]

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