All Stressed Out


Move over Sarah Palin, we’ve got another top Republican who has quit…Dancing with the Stars that is. That’s right former Republican Majority leader, Tom Delay had to quit the show due to stress fractures in his feet. I guess all those weeks of hard dancing were just too much for him.

Or… maybe after not one-

not two-

but THREE cringe worthy weeks;

maybe, just maybe, he finally wised up (especially after having to wear the ridiculous Republican elephant on his back) and decided not to take it any more. Oh well, whatever the reason, all the best to him.

Oh, and Cheryl, I know this is dancing with the STARS, but if you’re looking for a new partner, I would highly recommend this little guy. He may not be famous, but he can dance circles around your old one!



One Response to All Stressed Out

  1. kev says:

    I’m too afraid to click START on any of those YouTube videos. The idea of watching Tom Delay dancing frightens me. I imagine it’s like looking into the sun. Is that what it’s like?

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