Toys for the New Republic

Hey all you conservatives out there! I know you just cringed when you saw those awful Obama dolls- how dare anyone make a doll that replicas a President or his wife! For shame! I guess you all can just avert your eyes as you stroll past to reach for Hanna’s favored Barbie or G.I. Joe

But there are so many options nowadays! You don’t have to limit yourselves to just those old school favorites!

I know what every kid wants in his or her stocking- A RUSH 2012 shirt!!! Because its okay to use your kids to promote your favorite candidate/talking head! You should get them out in the front yard with some signs in protest of Rush being unable to buy the Rams- good practice for when they get older and things don’t go there way. How dare anyone not like Rush! These shirts will show everyone where your family stands. And if you’re not pro-Rush or Beck you are just a socialist!

Or instead of looking to the future, we can remember the glory days when Bush was in the white house- *sigh* starting wars, signing that first stimulus bill. You knew your President was a Christian. In these uncertain times, under the new administration who knows?

You can still get your own set of Laura and W. as paper dolls (and don’t these look much nicer than the crappy-cartoonish Obama ones?)

Or who is that Handsome Devil to the right? G.I. Joe? No! It’s W.! Those were the days when they actually made dolls look good instead of cheap stuffed-nylon versions. Things certainly are tanking in this administration. Obama is a doll now, can you believe the nerve of making the President into a toy?


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