Mrs. Draper, TV’s Most Tragic Character


Like many of you out there, I have become completely addicted to AMC’s Mad Men.  I think because it is the only show on TV where the acting is eloquently underplayed, subtle. And my favorite character by far is the beautifully tragic heroine, Betty Draper, portrayed flawlessly by January Jones.

Ms. Jones is perfect at maintaining that bored persona of the rich, successful 60s housewife (not that I would necessarily know, but that’s how I’d imagine it!!!); and she does so with a shrug of indifference. You think that nothing surprises Betty. And January Jones plays that nonchalant indifference without so much of a thought.

However at a much deeper level, I wonder how much longer Betty will allow the wife-cheating antics of her husband to go on as she strives ever-so-hard to portray the perfect American family living the perfect American dream. Will her latest discovery of Don’s previous marriage finally push her over the edge; or is Betty truly indifferent to what goes on around her? I think not, and that is what makes her that much more tragic.

Will Betty ever truly confront her husband, Don, and kick him to the curb for good, or will she just get revenge while continuing to bear the persona of the quintessential housewife? Only time will tell, and I for one can’t wait to find out. Oh the subtle drama of Mad Men. I simply can’t get enough, not of the show, of Sterling Cooper, of Don’s escapades, and definitely of January Jones, Mrs. Betty Draper. If you haven’t yet, get your Netflix and get the first two seasons. You won’t be sorry.



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