Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: “The Clash of the Titans”


Players vs. Cheerleaders

Being a Tennessee gal with an avid love for football and for my team, the Titans, I can’t go much longer without  pointing out the total Nottieness of our so-called football team this year. And while it pains me to do this, our pathetic band of so-called athletes must be called out. This is a team that has been repeatedly run-over, run-down, and pushed around by their opponents, and the pathetic thing is, they don’t even seem to care. I mean, just last year the Titans won 12 games in a row!!! So, I have to ask, what the HELL happened? 

Here’s what makes me really mad, lets talk about how much money is being spent on these losers players, starting with the leader of the pack,  QB extroadinaire, Kerry Collins. This miracle worker (for the other teams) gets paid $2 million a year to throw the ball to the other team…8 times. The turnover ratio is -10. I already need duct tape to keep my head attached, and I’m just getting started.

The miserable cornerback and hothead, Finnegan makes almost $7 mill and next to the QB, the Titan’s pass defense has to the most embarrassing part of the Titan’s team.

Vince Young, by far the priciest makes well over $7 million big ones to…sit on the bench.

Crumpler is at over $2, Justin Gage, almost $6, Jevon Kearse is sitting pretty at $3 million. You get the picture. Now in my mind, these guys seem to be making plenty of money, enough to motivate them (I would think) to want to get out there on Sunday, one damn day a week, and at least attempt to play hard. Wow, what a notion. But this year at least, apparently not. Now they may as well lose the rest of their games just to get some good draft picks (calling Tim Tebow) and just start over. It’s so bad, that Coach Jeff Fisher is TRYING to get fired. Titans, until you start playing with some heart or playing at all, you will sadly, remain Notties in my playbook.

On the other hand, the Cheerleaders always look insanely hot and could probably punt, pass, kick, and throw better than any of the pansies on the Titan’s roster this year. Gals, keep the hotness up, someone has to make this team look good.



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