The Halloween Movie Essentials!

by Andrea Burke

This was actually a hard list to make because the horror genre is sub-divided into many smaller genres. You have your slashers, your suspense, your vamps, goblins, werewolfs, ghouls, Your classic ghost stories, the horror films with a comedic edge, and for me, I have the ones I grew up watching that are inevitably cloaked with nostalgia, like Arachnaphobia or It (I’m objective enough to see they’re both horrible in their own special ways, but still…).

But the top 10 were chosen for being well-rounded: a good story, good characters, and of course, a few good scares.

Top 10 Horror movies for Halloween Week

1. Psycho– I posted the original theatrical trailer starring Hitchcock himself which is a little long, but I love Hitch.

2. The Orphanage– (not to be confused with the lame-looking “The Orphan” that recently came out) You may not have heard of this Spanish film, but it is the absolute best “horror” movie from the last decade. Its produced by Guillermo del Toro, the man behind Pan’s Labyrinth

3. Halloween (NOT the Remake, The Original with Jamie Lee Curtis)

4. The Omen

5. Rear Window

6. Wait Until Dark

7. Nightmare on Elm Street– Just recently saw this one, and it would be higher on the list if the main girl would have been more likable.

8. The 6th Sense– The movie that introduced us to M. Night, still his best movie to date.

9. The Others

10. The Lost Boys – Okay, this is a little Vampire number from the 80s and it represents its decade well. 24’s Keiffer Sutherland plays one of the vamps.

Why these 3 Horror “Classics” didn’t make the list:

1. The most obvious omission: The Exorcist. I’ve seen it. And more than scared, I was grossed out. I get it- the devil is inside this young girl making her do repulsive things, but instead of being afraid of the devil’s power, which is what I assume we’re supposed to be afraid of, I just wondered what kind of sicko would want to film this real live girl acting out the part of a devil-possessed girl.

2. Rosemary’s Baby. In high school, I made a big group of friends watch this after it got named #2 on some Horror movie list. It turned out to be overrated and boring even though some of the dream scenes were disturbing.

3. Night of the Living Dead. Here’s one I haven’t seen, something new to watch this week because its on Netflix Instant View!

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!


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