SYTYCD, take 2

I’m so glad this is the last week the judges pick without voter input, even though I did agree with all their picks this go around.

Favorite Dance of the night goes to….I never thought I’d say it….Mollee and Nathan for Bollywood (I’m still trying to forget the Mollee-wood comment). It’s clearly the best one since Katie and Joshua from Season 4.

Kathryn and Legacy came in at a close second. They are definitely my favorite couple. I was a little concerned this would turn into the Addiction piece from last year, but I thought the movement was unique and beautiful.

Karen and Russell are two stand-outs from the night. I don’t remember Karen’s partners name yet, and Noelle is a little annoying…although her solo was good.

Here’s the worst dance from tonight: Its a tie! Bianca and Victor’s Broadway. Tyce is really hit or miss for me and tonight was a miss- there was no definite movement or choreography, it was like he just let them run around the stage waving their arms…

But Wade Robson, who can be brilliant and great, was not tonight. I loved the idea, as far out as it was, but the choreography was weak. Started out pretty interesting, but they didn’t really do any real dancing.

(I’ll post the video when it’s up on youtube)

The real surprise for me was to find myself crying a little when Phillip (I never cared for Bianca) went home. I didn’t even like him especially, but everyone was so heartbroken at his leaving and knowing that his father just died…So sad. And he was so gracious as he accepted the judges decision.

On a positive note-Shout out to Travis- I liked Ashleigh this week! Her waltz with Jacob was pretty. And after round 2, I’m bold enough to make one prediction: Jakob will either win or be the standard “best dancer” who gets voted off i.e. Will or Janette.

until next week…


One Response to SYTYCD, take 2

  1. jillian says:

    yes. yes. …aaaaand… yes. i agree with all of the above. especially on two things: the wade thing and the jakob thing. about halfway through the van gogh number, i found myself watching the graphic on the screen in the back and not the dancers. way more entertaining. also… the thought went through my head as i watched jakob and ashleigh that he could very well be the next will/jeanette. i’m crossing my fingers this doesn’t happen…. but you know.. things tend to come in threes. : /

    p.s. aren’t you proud i’m keeping up with it.. even though i’m in italy? thanks youTube!!

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