Obama’s Reverand Rears His Ugly Head


Yes, he’s back, our president’s pastor and mentor of 20 years, Reverand Jeremiah Wright gave a now typical hate-filled speech. throughout the entire speech, he proclaims the glories of socialism, Marxism,  Black Liberation Theology, and Lewis Farrakhan. He continiously trashes America and capitalism. And as I listened to this speech, once again totally appalled, that little nagging question in the back of my mind that just won’t go away kept ringing in my ears,  how can anyone go to this man’s church, let this man baptize them, and listen to this man’s rhetoric for 20 YEARS not be inflenced by him? There are so many issues I have with multiple statements from this speech I could write a novel, but you are smart, I’ll let you listen and draw your own conclusions.

– Hannaloves27



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