Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: The Women


The Liberals vs. The Conservatives

So yes, I admit, it’s come to this. I know we are supposed to be above “looks” as a society and we should focus on brains, and all that jazz, but as I was watching the events of the health care debate unfold this past week, I just couldn’t help but notice the stark differences between the liberal women in politics and their conservative counterparts, both physically and more. That’s when I noticed, Conservative women are way hotter than Liberals! I mean seriously, it’s not even close!!! And I have the examples to prove it, starting with the queen of Capital Hill, herself, Nancy Pelosi.

Ummm yeah, no words needed.

Now compare Botoxicated Nancy to her Conservative counterparts, Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachmann:

See what I mean? This conservative dynamic duo is almost too hot for their own good. And I don’t even need to mention Sarah Palin, but moving on…

So what about big political talking heads? I think conservatives clearly win here as well. I mean against the likes of Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin, I’m sorry, but Rachel Maddow and Janeane Garofalo just don’t  stand a chance!

Now after all the scientific research I have done, I am even more convinced conservative women are way hotter that liberal women, and if you still don’t believe me, take a look at conservative-leaning  Megyn Kelly:

I mean, seriously, how are you even gonna argue?

So that settles it. With tempers raging on both sides of the aisle and our freedoms and liberty at stake in the Senate now, I think it’s important to take the time and focus on all the things that really matter most, who is the hotti-est or notti-est, and hands down, I’m proud to say, go Conservative females. We totally kick ass in the looks department, and the smarts, well, those go without saying.



4 Responses to Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: The Women

  1. andreaburke says:

    Hanna, I’m glad in tough times you remind us all of who is the hotti-est or notti-est…except that the scale might be tipped once you factor in all the women in hollywood are liberals….but i guess on the other hand many are just as botoxicated as Pelosi…

    • Hannaloves27 says:

      Lol! That’s why I stuck with politics only. But it was pointed out to me on Twitter, that we do have Angie Harmon, and Janine Turner- both very hot!

  2. Mickey says:

    Please don’t call my congressman, Marsha Blackburn, a conservative. She is NOT!
    Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR:
    Omnibus Appropriations, Special Education, Global AIDS Initiative, Job Training, Unemployment Benefits, Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Agriculture Appropriations, U.S.-Singapore Trade, U.S.-Chile Trade, Supplemental Spending for Iraq & Afghanistan, Prescription Drug Benefit, Child Nutrition Programs, Surface Transportation, Job Training and Worker Services, Agriculture Appropriations, Foreign Aid, Vocational/Technical Training, Supplemental Appropriations, UN “Reforms.” Patriot Act Reauthorization, CAFTA, Katrina Hurricane-relief Appropriations, Head Start Funding, Line-item Rescission, Oman Trade Agreement, Military Tribunals, Electronic Surveillance, Head Start Funding, COPS Funding, Funding the REAL ID Act (National ID), Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, Thought Crimes “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Peru Free Trade Agreement, Economic Stimulus, Farm Bill (Veto Override), Warrantless Searches, Employee Verification Program, Body Imaging Screening.

    Marsha Blackburn Voted AGAINST:
    Ban on UN Contributions, eliminate Millennium Challenge Account, WTO Withdrawal, UN Dues Decrease, Defunding the NAIS, Iran Military Operations defunding Iraq Troop Withdrawal, congress authorization of Iran Military Operations.

    Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
    See her unconstitutional votes at :

  3. Juan Blanco says:

    Glad to see such an important topic getting more coverage…makes me proud to be conservative.

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