Tiger Woods, and Why DO Men Cheat?

From Henry XIII to Bill Clinton and King David to JFK, it seems if you are a man in power, cheating on your wife is just the thing to do. With the news of Tiger’s multiple “transgressions,” the question as to why it seems, as blown up to epic proportions. But we all know it’s not just the rich and powerful who engage in affairs, it’s men in general, and even more surprising, women are almost as bad.  So I guess the question could use some tweaking. It’s not why do MEN cheat, it’s why do PEOPLE cheat. But because of Tiger’s big news and because I am a woman, I am (for this post at least)  focusing on the men.

 So to ask that age-old question, I had to go right to the source (a man). Here is the initial answer I found:

Men are horny wolves in fluffy sheep’s clothing who delight in looking into your eyes and lying. Breaking hearts is our middle name. Why, at any given moment, while you’re gabbing to your girlfriends about flowers purchased, omelettes made, sweet words whispered, we’re picturing the nearest woman under the age of 25 in a sheer bikini, riding a mechanical bull.

We are just hopelessly addicted to that “new car smell.” We love to make you miserable in our pursuit of total hotness, your fickle happiness not our concern.

So what you’re telling me, is that apparently men cheat because all men are dogs- not a great excuse yet.  But I do have to say as women we don’t make it easy on them. For example, when we leave items like this lying around, it can make it hard on our men to focus on us.

 And I have to admit, I’m guilty of leaving my VS mags lying around the house without another thought.  But it’s not just the bra and panty catalogues. Sex is everywhere. I mean, walk into any bar or club, watch any TV show or movie, look at any magazine, and you find practically naked, gorgeous women ready and willing to pounce. Men are visual, and as long as we put ourselves out there and make ourselves readily available to any man that walks in the room there will be men that cheat.

But it’s not just the whole “I see something hot and have to have it mentality,” it seems there are other reasons as well. Another one being, we don’t prize our men enough.

When Spartan warriors returned home from victorious campaigns, do you think their women greeted them with eye-rolls and shrugs? They were venerated supremely, celebrated for days upon days! Love was made to them, olives were pitted and fed to them, their wives could not get enough of their dangerous tales of adventure and carnage! Tales told over and over and over again.

Yikes! Ok, lets face it ladies, how often do we praise our men for the effort they put forth, even if at times it may seem small? I know I’m guilty. My husband has run to the store, returned home with sackfuls of groceries, and I’ve flipped over the one item he managed to get wrong. So I guess I can see how a man will cheat simply to build up an ego that has been run down over the years.  This excuse is a little more viable than the latter…maybe.

Lastly and not surprisingly (at least to me) men cheat because they crave sex. I mean really, tell me something I don’t know. So you mean to tell me that when we wear our old t-shirt and sweats to bed night after night, and keep putting sex off until the next day, and the next- because we have a headache, or work was too rough, or the kids were insane-then our sex-hungry men will  start looking elsewhere to meet their needs?  *Sigh.* Well, ok,  maybe we can help  our men in that area a little more too.

Now let me be clear, I know that none of these reasons legitimize the act of adultery.  I don’t care how hot Rachel Uchitel is, or how easy Jaimee Grubbs, the man is the one who ultimately makes that final decision to cheat. He can always use some sheer willpower and just walk away. Taking the moral high ground on this issue will do a lot to save some long-lasting heartache, and other things too, just ask Tiger


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