So You Think You Can Dance, top 8

I’m sad I didn’t have time to post before the cuts last night. I’ll get to them in a second as well as the usual stuff, but first I have 2 complaints:

1) Ashleigh and Ryan’s guilt trips on Tuesday. She’s injured and he fake cries their way into the top 6. How could you buy into this America?! These two are the worst dancers to ever get so far through the competition. I really wish they would let us call to vote off. I would vote the entire 2 hours for these 2.

2) A finale with the top 6? Are you kidding? I can’t believe they planned it like this. Why couldn’t they have cut out one week of stupid auditions in order to fit in a real finale?

But onto better things…The Best routine:

Ellenore and Legacy really did kill it. But then….

the Worst:

On 2nd viewing, I don’t think it was as bad as I originally thought, but still the weakest on a strong night.

But we all know the outcome: Legacy and Mollee left last night. And neither should have gone.

Finale next week! I’m so glad Kathryn and Russell made it. And on a side note, I hope they never do back-to-back seasons again. Last season was way better than this one.

One Response to So You Think You Can Dance, top 8

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I’m furious about Ryan and Ashleigh too! Let me just say that I love Mormons and I have many Mormon friends. But I do believe they have contributed to Ryan and Ashleigh’s success just like Donnie Osmond’s win on Dancing with the Stars (which I don’t watch).
    My fav’s are still in it: Kathryn and Jakob. I wasn’t sad to see Mollee go, but I thought she deserved to stay more than Ryan or Ashleigh.
    Oh, and how come we haven’t seen any Mia Michaels routines since auditions this season? I miss her.

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