My Fair Lady, Ms. Bachmann

In a radio interview yesterday, Michelle Bachman was debating none other than the old turncoat Arlen Specter. As it turns out, while Ms. Bachmann was verbally eating him for lunch (it’s amazing how powerful true convictions are) the best retort Arlen could muster was “I’m going to treat you like a lady, now act like one.” And do what, shut the hell up? Seriously, Arlen,  I mean I know you’re like 100 or something but this isn’t the 1800’s anymore. Do you REALLY want to go there? I guess so seeing how he has tried to belittle another strong woman before. So, if that’s the case, what I would LOVE to know is this, what IS Arlen’s definition of a lady? Oh wait, I know the answer; she is obviously someone of magnificent character, reserved and vulnerable,  like, you know, Olympia Snowe, or even Michelle Obama.  Maybe she is a lady full of grace both inwardly and outwardly as demonstrated time and again by the Queen of Botox, Nancy Pelosi. I know none of them would dare put Arlen in his place or God forbid, speak when they shouldn’t.

Now, of course, I fully expect our feminist friends in the MSM to rise up in disgust at the unbelievably decrepit and sexist comments uttered by the senator…yeah right. I’m sure they will just flippantly shrug it off as a senior moment, a simple slip of the tongue. Good thing he’s not a Republican, like George Allen or his career would be over faster than you could put “lipstick on a pig.”


PS: Check out this post at POWIP!


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