SOTU+Drinking Games=FUN!

Apparently all the cool kids are doing it. Hey it doesn’t take much to convince me.  I’m totally down. I would just graciously add a few more suggestions.

  • Do a shot of tequila every time Obama looks from the right teleprompter to the left teleprompter, and back.
  • When Nancy Pelosi blinks, take a shot of Botox ( I understand Botox is not alcohol, but still addicting none the less, so it should count).
  • Every time Obama uses the pronouns I or me, just sip your brew (he will do this a lot, so I can go easy on you for this one. I mean we don’t want you totally wasted in just the first 10 minutes).

I think if we indulge in these drinking games, Obama may get the hopeful response from all of us that he wants. Because I don’t know about you, but alcohol puts me a GREAT mood. “I love everyone, and America is awesome! Yeah!”  At least momentarily. Tomorrow morning, well that will be an entirely different story.


PS. Here’s a whole bunch more. HuffPo with a sense of humor. Never thought I’d see the day.


4 Responses to SOTU+Drinking Games=FUN!

  1. Jim Treacher says:

    You are going to get people killed.

  2. Lil' Mama says:

    Love it! My favorite philosopher once said… “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down…” just replace “sugar” with “tequila” and “medicine” with “bulls*** spin, let’s all pretend we’re in Obamaland” and that should be about right.=)

  3. David says:

    Didn’t you like the pres only using the word I around 96 times. we may all be drunkurds before he’s thru

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