PETA’s Got Their Panties All in a Wad…Again

Yes folks, this time it’s over the long-standing tradition in Punxsutawney, PA. You know the one, where the little groundhog pokes his head out of the ground to determine how much winter we have left.  apparently, they believe it is cruel to poor Punxsutawney Phil because groundhogs

become stressed when they are exposed to large, screaming crowds; flashing lights from perhaps hundreds of cameras; and human handling.

And no they are not kidding.  Good grief, if the little guy gets so stressed out, just give him some Xanax, and let him do his thing. I mean that usually works for people right? Instead PETA believes the live groundhogs should be replaced with, get this, animatronic ones. Seriously? I mean how is a robot groundhog going to get scared of his shadow? I can’t handle another 6 weeks of winter, EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Great, now I’m stressed out. I need the Xanax.


PS: Cross-posted at POWIP


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