My “Antidote to this Pernicious Indoctrination into Neurosis”

 Thanks to Dan for the inspiration. 

I googled *dating advice for men* specifically, and it returned 18 million different sites dealing with this issue alone. Good grief, how did things get so fracking complicated? All these rules: be yourself, but not if your *different.* Ask her out, but use this script we provide. Keep it simple just complicates things even more. Make her feel pretty, but don’t stare at her breasts, or legs, or anywhere but her eyes, and on and on, ad infinitum. I don’t know about you, but even as a female, I see all these rules for men to follow, and it’s enough to give me indigestion. How does anyone manage to get together these days with all this madness?

I understand this is the culture we have created, and it poisons both sexes. Even though it’s been a while since I’ve been out there, I remember all too well some of the horrors of dating. So the only anitidote I can think of to give a man is this, ignore all that shit and go it alone. I am convinced you can figure it out by yourself, no matter how “socially challenged” you are.  Do you really need to spell it all out for you?  Now I’m  sure there will be mistakes along the way, and probably rejection. God knows, no one is perfect. But if there is a lady out there for you, it will happen, and get this, without the 18 million pages of rules, advice, and tips. Amazing right?

 Oh yeah, and just one more thing, if I wear a low-cut form-fitting dress it’s BECAUSE I want you to check out my cleavage, dammit.  So there’s that.


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