Apparently There are Such Things as Demon Sheep

Carly Fiorina is a RINO running for Senate in CA.

Last night she released this ad which does actually include *demon sheep* which you most certainly MUST watch.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, it is a real live ad. Yes, those really are red eyes.  Yes,  it has to be the worst idea in the history of campaign ads. And no, Fiorina doesn’t regret it. Is she trying to lose? The only positive,  is that the ad has gotten quite a bit of press, even if though most of it has been b-a-a-a-a-d. (Forgive me!)

We have had a lot of fun with it on Twitter though. From CNN:

Twitter has also been buzzing with chatter about the new Fiorina video since its release Wednesday. The Twitter hashtag “#demonsheep” is currently a trending topic for Washington, D.C.-based tweets, according to the site. And a Twitter account called @demonsheep has been set up and currently has roughly 800 followers.


PS: h/t Leon Wolf

PPS: Here’s some more fun with Carly’s ad:

2 Responses to Apparently There are Such Things as Demon Sheep

  1. serr8d says:

    This ad is a bit confuzzling. Is Tom Campbell supposed to be on a pedestal AND fall from it whilst a sheep, then suddenly he’s a wolf in sheep’s (ill-fitting) clothing, one that attacks other sheep? Wow, if Carly could bag, sell and export whatever they’re smoking, they might get California solvent faster!

    But even as disjointed as this ad is, I know for sure, now, that Tom Campbell shouldn’t win any elected office. So there’s that.

  2. Hannaloves27 says:

    hah, or Carly for that matter.

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