Andrea is Leaving Me for Europe

Yes it’s true, Andrea, my sister-in-law (and blogging partner) along with her husband, my brother, just recently left the comforts of home to head out into the great unknown that is Europe. For THREE months. I haven’t really decided yet how I’m going to cope with not having them in my life until June, and also with the insane jealousy I feel towards them for the opportunity.   But I wish Andrea and Caleb an abundant and life-changing time on their travels. My only prayer (and I say this with nothing but love) is that they do not return more Obama-loving and socialistic than they already are. Heeheehee. Anyways, you can follow their adventure vicariously here.  Andrea and Caleb, I love you both so much. Please come home safe. I’ll need someone to argue with soon.



One Response to Andrea is Leaving Me for Europe

  1. andreaburke says:

    Hanna, I just found this. Miss you and I love the pic. I promise not to even think about politics while I’m here. Love you!

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