A St. Patrick’s Day Post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to ya. I learned something new today. Apparently our commander and chief, our fearless leader, our great all-knowing, all-seeing transformational one has Irish roots! I really had no idea. But it seems to be old news. Anyway, here’s what O’bama said today:

“few nations so small have had such an enormous impact on another” country: in the United States 36 million people claim Irish ancestry.

Including the president, apparently. Obama informed Cowen of his own Irish bona fides. He said that he could trace his ancestry on his mother’s side to County Offaly, Ireland, which happens to be taoiseach’s home turf.

“I believe it was my great-great-great-great-great grandfather,” Obama said to good-natured laughter. “This is true. He was a bootmaker, if I’m not mistaken.”

A bootmaker! Really?!  How fitting.  Just think, who knew that O’bama would now be using those boots to walk all over you and me. I’d like to take one of those boots and give him a solid kick in the… well you know where.


PS: I feel compelled to mention that my parents got married on St. Patrick’s Day (happy anniversary Mom and Dad!), so for obvious reasons, they were not wearing green that day, a trend I have continued my entire life. Oddly enough, I am wearing a pink sweater today…

Also, Jim Treacher, I hope you get some much needed rest.

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