Roll Call of Democrat Dimwits

It seems a lot has happened simce I’ve been out of the country.

Dimwit 1: Congressman Steve Cohen. This idiot hits way too close to home for me being from Memphis. He has the audacity to compare the Tea Party movement to KKK members. Andrew Brietbart is still offering $100,000 for proof of racism. Where’s the proof, Congressman?  

Dimwit 2:  Congressman Hank Johnson apparently believes that adding American Marines to the island of Guam will cause it to tip over. For realz. I wonder if he’s best friends with Cohen. I wouldn’t be surprised. I can only imagine the conversation they would have.  Chuck Dizzle at has some great jokes about it, so he’s probably racist. *sigh*

And for the final Dimwit: The one and only commander-in-chief, leader of the free world, most powerful man in the universe, Barack Hussein Obama. The 17 minute, 2500 word response as to why we need to pay more taxes for Obamacare just tops it all off. Where’s the teleprompter when you need it? Was it on vacation that day?

Slater sums it all up nicely and even adds Phil Hare to the list. Boy those democrats, they are on a roll. Keep it boys. November is right around the corner.


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