Common Sense ch. 1

October 15, 2009

by Andrea Burke

Common Sense continues to be a book of abstractions in chapter 1. Beck’s (with Joseph Kerry) phrasing could reach anyone who has a beef with the government.

Example: “Most Americans remain convinced that the country is on the wrong track. They know that SOMETHING JUST DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT but they don’t know how to describe it or, more importantly, how to stop it. But just because you may not know exactly what your gut is saying, doesn’t mean what you’re feeling is wrong. It’s not. Something hasn’t been right for a very long time.

“America has been slowly pulled off the course charted for us in Philadelphia more than two centuries ago…but it feels as though the new conductor has just increased the speed at which our misdirected train is traveling.” ( Beck’s emphasis, p. 8-9 Common Sense)

Whatever is in the pit of anyone’s stomach, Beck just confirmed it. No matter what you think is wrong with America, if you think its off track, you’re right. Beck just affirmed millions of Americans to embrace their fears-whatever they may be- and embrace their role as “the current guardians of freedom.”

Fear, after all, is a cornerstone in Beck’s program. Fear of what will happen, where this country is headed, and that we’re departing from the founding fathers ways, who he throws in everywhere he can to back up a point he isn’t actually making.

He even uses (and I mean uses) God to sell his point.

“Our Founding Fathers understood that our rights and liberties are gifts from God. They also understood that WE are an intuitive people. If all that is true, it only makes sense that HE would alert us to our impeding loss.

“And now He is- shame on us for ignoring him for so long.”

Is Glenn Beck claiming to be a prophet from God, warning us of an “impending loss?” Or maybe Beck is saying God is that feeling in your stomach?

2 questions: Who is God to Beck? and what is God warning us of?

Because that’s my biggest problem with the Republican party, the pundits on the right, and this book- It’s the “What if” game x100. Remember Glenn Beck’s War Room or End-of-Days show- I can’t remember what it was called- where he talked about bleak senarios to “prepare” (or scare?) his viewers?

The right seems to operating on an entire system of the guessing game- “If they pass this, fill in your own worst nightmare will happen!”

This is getting long, so I’m going to shut it down.

Chapter 1: part 2, coming later this week.

Common Sense intro

October 7, 2009

by Andrea Burke

These posts are coming later than I wanted because I took a much-needed break from politics, but I’m back with Beck.

“We” start our journey in 1776, because “we” are in 1776 according to Beck (expect a post on this later) because “the abuses being perpetrated by the government are just as obvious now as they were then” (he doesn’t name any specific ones yet, I’ve only read through Ch. 1)  And Beck is off and running with the “we” and “You” statements. I picture him wearing an electric pink turban waving his hands over a crystal ball…

“I think I know who you are.” he murmurs.

“Youuuuuu sometimes argue with friend about politics…but You also have an open mind and a warm heart.”

“Youuuuuu have credit cards, but you pay them off.”

“You have a flat screen TV”

“You may go to church, but most weeks you don’t want to”

“After September 11, 2001, you thought our country had changed for the better. But the months that followed proved otherwise.” (all of these “YOU” quotes can be found on page 3)

Wow. He knows you! and me! I mean, these large generalizations only fit most Americans!

Kidding aside, I’ve had one serious question about Beck: What is his end game?

Because he’s very suspicious of where America is headed under the new administration, but where are those he’s leading headed?

If he’s comparing now to 1776, is he calling for revolution? And how?

In the note from the author, Beck makes it clear that its not violence “Violence is the easy way out, but its also a sure path to discrediting everything you stand for.”

And if you wonder any of these questions with me, Beck writes in the intro that he’ll lay out his ideas and “several options” in Common Sense. I think he’ll be answering the very questions I posed which is why I’m reading this book in the first place.

I’ll post on Chapters 1 and 2 soon.


Glenn Beck Project: Phase 2.

September 14, 2009

Last week I watched Glenn Beck’s TV show everyday, took notes, and summed up what I thought here. If you need to catch up, here’s Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

This week, I’ll be reading Beck’s book Common Sense. I’m not sure if I’ll post once I’m done, or if I’ll have more to say and do several small posts.

I’m also going to watch his TV show again for 2 or 3 afternoons, because I don’t know if a week is enough for me to make a judgment.

Watch for the coming posts.

Glenn Beck Project: Day 5

September 11, 2009

Day 5: In the first 20 minutes, here’s a guy I can like. Maybe even be inspired by.

I’m not going to analyze and comment on the rest. I see this man loves his country, even though I usually disagree with his view on the world/America. I’m with him on this- Let’s get this thing built! Unlike him, I don’t care what its called.

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Today, I’m praying for unity for this country, and for all those families grieving.

Glenn Beck Project: Day 4

September 11, 2009

Day 4: ummmm….

Wed, Beck kept warning me about today’s show. With this strange grin on his face, he kept saying, “The tide is about to turn” ….

Well, I have to say that I don’t think any tides will/should turn over this video except for the two women employed by Acorn.

Two women who work for an Acorn facility in Baltimore, Maryland were taped by two young people posing as a politician and a prostitute trying to get a house and get help with taxes. The women helped her despite the girl disclosing what her business was.

It was wrong of those women to give the advice they did to the girl. Illegal advice really. They told her not to file and the woman who wasn’t Tanya told her to be proud that she makes money. But I wasn’t shocked. Prostitution is legal in other countries, there are commercials on late night TV to reach women to “talk” to, (like they are not advertising phone sex).  Basically, I’m not fooled into thinking the world is a clean place. It’s not. And I think these women have probably seen way worse than I.

However, it was morally reprehensible when they brushed off the idea of bringing over under-age, illegal immigrants working as prostitutes.The women kept saying, “I don’t hear this.”

Distracting from the story he was telling, Glenn pouted over the lack of coverage, lamenting and scolding the media and other journalists over and over again for not covering this story that broke this morning. That he broke. His question 1 today: “How does the media sleep at night?” But what Glenn doesn’t get- these are minor players. And what he does isn’t journalism.

I’ll tell you why. Two “corrupt” lower level employees do not mean the entire organization is corrupt, but that’s the way Beck sees it. In journalism, you need actual proof. Documents, quotes, corroborating sources from people higher-up than Tanya to publish a story taking down Acorn. but with Beck, if you have 2 bad employees, you’re out!

Acorn released a statement saying that the two undercover “journalists” tried several Acorn facilities before getting what they wanted. Beck didn’t say whether that was true or not.

And despite my annoyance with Beck’s whining, I did come away from the program wanting to research and read more about Acorn, which probably was the goal of the show. You got me there Beck.

“Will the U.S. citizens unite on this story?” -Beck’s last big question today. I don’t know, but I have a feeling there are two unemployed women in Maryland tonight.

Glenn Beck Project: Day 3

September 10, 2009

Day 3: frustration bordering on anger.

I took a night to simmer down before writing this post on Wednesday’s show.

I’m so tired of Beck’s tone, like he’s always delivering an infuriating secret. If someone with happiness, or even just a normal tone delivered the same “news”, would America be so taken by this guy? Instead since he’s constantly indignant, he whips his viewers up to anger with him, despite the fact that today’s show was pure speculation on the government, Sunstein, politicians, etc…

And he’s constantly pitching his show tomorrow. “The tide’s about to turn.”

I don’t know how anyone does it. The next time you watch him, note your mood after the show, not just once but for a week. Are you angry or frustrated or scared? Because that’s how Beck wants you.

Alright, Cass Sunstein. He’s prob. going to take all the dairy and meat out of your kids school lunches, take away all the guns, eventually stop the availability of meat, and somehow abolish the 2nd amendment. Oh, and he cries over a working chicken. All of this was given as theory presented as fact for what Sunstein might do. It’s hard sometimes to catch the phrase “Likely to” thrown in before these ideas.

Here’s Beck’s proof that Sunstein hates the 2nd amendment. He edited the video, but I found it in full. THis is the only “proof” provided all show. He may have backed his other theories up on earlier shows. If he did, I’d love to see it. Enjoy the music at the beginning.

But what really got me upset was this:

Beck asked yesterday, “Who divided us?” Beck doesn’t want us to be divided. He mentions that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a democrat, independant, republican, he’s just trying to give you the truth.

Minutes later, Beck says Obama has declared 9/11 a national day of service. He looks bewildered, shakes his head, says, “Why a national day of service when the service came on 9/12?”

Who divided us? How about you Mr. Beck? The President declares 9/11 a day of service, and you declare your own day of service ONE DAY LATER. Beck sees 9/12 as a day for democrats and republicans to get together, unite like they did on 9/12 before, but Washington wants you to unite on 9/11- How dare they!

This behavior is ridiculous. To balk at 9/11 just to declare and hope for the exact same thing on 9/12. Don’t get confused here- Beck is a strong divisive force. It doesn’t matter what the Pres or gov says. He’s already made up his mind. “I don’t need to watch the (Health Care) speech. I don’t need to hear about it.”

But no, Beck is NOT the problem, it’s DC!

As Beck says, “Stand up! Come, follow me.”

One last note, since Beck is a Morman, do you think he intentionally invokes Christ’s call, “Come, follow me”? Just a final thought. I’m sorry it’s speculation. Caught it from Beck.

Glenn Beck Project: Day 2

September 9, 2009

Day 2: Here’s the Beck I’ve heard tell of!

Even though my Info button told me yesterday’s episode was new, I think it must have been pre-recorded because today’s episode should have been on yesterday- today was all about Van Jones.

I know from reviewing Beck’s twitter account that Van Jones was a high priority enemy for Beck. He tweeted against Jones a dozen times in September alone. As you know, I don’t usually watch Beck, and if he did break Van Jones story, congrats to he and his team. The czars should be questioned and America should be well informed on each one.

So, nice work Beck, but did you really have to do a run down on how awesome you’re reporting is? “The mainstream media got it wrong 6 ways.” Did I really need to see a video montage of every story he did on Jones in the last months?

But what really stuck out was his use of “we” and “you” as he looks into the camera, into the eye of his audience. Examples from today: 

“Some people want to make it about politics instead of the truth. I will always tell you the truth, even when it hurts me.”

“You’re intelligent. I won’t treat you like an idiot.”

“We have done a lot of good together.”

“More radicals surround him (Obama). You must remain focused.”

As for the former czar, Beck used the analogy of an iceburg- Jones has just fallen below the surface. “Van Jones is more dangerous- this isn’t a victory it’s a diversion.” He asks the audience what they would do if they captained a ship heading for that ice burg. “FULL STOP!” says Beck.

He also spent a segment talking to Michelle Malkin, Hanna’s favorite, about the new green job czar. Basically he’s a really terrible person. blah blah. These two shake their heads at the blindness of the American people. (But don’t forget Beck thinks YOU are intelligent) Malkin gets so angry that America didn’t listen to her warnings about Carol Browning, Beck can’t shut her up and has to go commercial while she keeps talking.

The last segment was dedicated to promoting his 9/12 event coming this Saturday.

To wrap up, Beck gets away with the we and I, with his brand of intimacy with his audience because he’s put himself in the trenches with his fans. Twice he said the left was after him. He said ” OUR constitution is under attack” He also named the ship heading for the Van Jones iceburg the S.S. Constitution. He said The left has doctored pictures and websites against him that hurt his children. He confessed his alcoholism I’m sure his usual viewers already knew about, but it was a vulnerable moment as he told a story of being so drunk he couldn’t remember tucking his kids in.

I see how he’s formed such a dedicated fan base. He’s not sending you alone on a mission, he’s in it himself. And even though he has advantages: fame, money, a huge platform, he does everything he can to convey that he’s just another American fighting for a cause he believes in.