September 24, 2009

I can’t be anything but fair and balanced, maybe Fox News means it as a pun, but I still believe there are 2 sides to every story, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle- not on the left or right.

Take Van Jones. You can see Hanna’s post on Jones for the right side of the story. After he resigned, Arianna Huffington wrote an column called “Thank You Glenn Beck.” The Jones Huffington knew was completely different than the one Beck painted. And I think you can find the most honest portrait by looking at them both.

Beck’s Jones was a compilation of sound bites and warnings about what he’d do, while Huffington is friends with Jones, she calls him “a thoughtful leader” and actually recounts the time she asked him about the 9/11 truther thing.

So much information has been rolling around in my head about Beck, his followers, the administration, the truth, but this morning something connected: Republicans stand for small government- they want their freedom of choice, to live their own lives how they want, to face whatever consequences come with those choices, but when Beck essentially lets loose big brother, no one speaks up about freedom?

When Beck pulls a Minority Report and predicts what someone is capable of through one clip (like Cass Sunstein) then tells his viewers to look up videos of his chosen prey, why aren’t you adverse to that? All he needs are 2 or 3 sound bites, mistakes, videos and he washes his hands before calling an entire life corrupt.

If you recognize a tax on Coke could lead in a direction towards taxing many other “sin” items like Hanna’s choices “cookies, cream, candy bars, and cakes,” Why can’t you recognize where this new form of one sided journalism could lead?

It could be you. They can turn your life into a single sound bite to discuss, criticize, and speculate on without asking you a single question, without interviewing one of your friends or neighbors. They’ll talk to people who only know you through a 45 second clip and dismiss that there’s any other truth.

By this method, I have no doubt that every single living person could be taken down.

If you are worried about our future of freedom, then I don’t see how Coke prices rank higher than the future of honest, unbiased journalism.

Glenn Beck Project: Day 3

September 10, 2009

Day 3: frustration bordering on anger.

I took a night to simmer down before writing this post on Wednesday’s show.

I’m so tired of Beck’s tone, like he’s always delivering an infuriating secret. If someone with happiness, or even just a normal tone delivered the same “news”, would America be so taken by this guy? Instead since he’s constantly indignant, he whips his viewers up to anger with him, despite the fact that today’s show was pure speculation on the government, Sunstein, politicians, etc…

And he’s constantly pitching his show tomorrow. “The tide’s about to turn.”

I don’t know how anyone does it. The next time you watch him, note your mood after the show, not just once but for a week. Are you angry or frustrated or scared? Because that’s how Beck wants you.

Alright, Cass Sunstein. He’s prob. going to take all the dairy and meat out of your kids school lunches, take away all the guns, eventually stop the availability of meat, and somehow abolish the 2nd amendment. Oh, and he cries over a working chicken. All of this was given as theory presented as fact for what Sunstein might do. It’s hard sometimes to catch the phrase “Likely to” thrown in before these ideas.

Here’s Beck’s proof that Sunstein hates the 2nd amendment. He edited the video, but I found it in full. THis is the only “proof” provided all show. He may have backed his other theories up on earlier shows. If he did, I’d love to see it. Enjoy the music at the beginning.

But what really got me upset was this:

Beck asked yesterday, “Who divided us?” Beck doesn’t want us to be divided. He mentions that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a democrat, independant, republican, he’s just trying to give you the truth.

Minutes later, Beck says Obama has declared 9/11 a national day of service. He looks bewildered, shakes his head, says, “Why a national day of service when the service came on 9/12?”

Who divided us? How about you Mr. Beck? The President declares 9/11 a day of service, and you declare your own day of service ONE DAY LATER. Beck sees 9/12 as a day for democrats and republicans to get together, unite like they did on 9/12 before, but Washington wants you to unite on 9/11- How dare they!

This behavior is ridiculous. To balk at 9/11 just to declare and hope for the exact same thing on 9/12. Don’t get confused here- Beck is a strong divisive force. It doesn’t matter what the Pres or gov says. He’s already made up his mind. “I don’t need to watch the (Health Care) speech. I don’t need to hear about it.”

But no, Beck is NOT the problem, it’s DC!

As Beck says, “Stand up! Come, follow me.”

One last note, since Beck is a Morman, do you think he intentionally invokes Christ’s call, “Come, follow me”? Just a final thought. I’m sorry it’s speculation. Caught it from Beck.