Jon Stewart Said Something I Liked! Is the World Coming to and End?

December 2, 2009

Oh Climategate! I’m sure Al Gore’s wheels are spinning now.  I was going to do a long, complicated post on all the ins and outs of this matter (the Sundries Shack offers a brilliant one), but then I ran across this video posted by Snarkandboobs, and I thought that Jon Stewart did an excellent job of telling the story and he’s much funnier than me. So I’ll just let him explain what’s going on in the fabricated world of Al Gore’s global warming propaganda machine. And yes, I revel in the fact these Climategate emails are finally showing Gore to be the money-hungry fraud that he is, along with all the other global warming CO2-evangalists in lock-step with him.

Now that’s what I call “An Inconvient Truth.” Oh, and kudos to Mr. Stewart for shedding some light on Climategate.  As Snarkandboobs points out, it’s more than the MSM has done.