Hanna’s Hotties and Notties- Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin

November 27, 2009

Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin

Well it’s been an interesting chain of events since the infamous interview between these two women. And for one, her career seems to be taking off. The other, seems to be slam-crashing down around her.

Oh Ms. Couric, how far you’ve fallen since the easy days on NBC’s Today Show. Quite a journey since signing the gigantic contract to become the first female solo primetime anchor of CBS News. What was your price tag again? Oh yeah, 15 million a year!  Now I know you are supposed to be a real journalist an all, you know non-biased with a little integrity, but we saw the real you during that interview where you skewered Palin with a contempt only an elite-y, liberal, feminist can muster. But I have to say you have finally gotten yours.

First of all there’s this little ditty totally exposing your liberal partisan agenda on healthcare:

Second, there’s your ratings. CBS has hit all time lows since you have been in the anchor chair. And your brilliant news network consistently remains in LAST place. But kudos to you! That 15 mil means you’re the best no matter what, right?

And then finally there’s the release of these pictures. None of which I know will ever grace the cover of Newsweek or be shown on MSNBC  as they mock you. So with all the grief Palin has endured over her looks, I have to admit I have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of the discovery of your totally nottie moves on the dance floor.

 The rest of these gems can be explored on Jim Treacher’s blog, and his poem, unlike yours Katie, is hilarious.  And now all I can say to you is “stay classy” Ms. Nottie, and good luck with the whole real, serious journalist thing now!

 On the other hand, how have things worked out for Sarah Palin since that dreadful interview? Well despite all the negative media attention, she has still managed to give Oprah her biggest ratings in two years, fired up the conservative base without the help of the media, and oh yeah, she’s sold how many books in a week, Katie? What was that? Oh yeah, 700,000! A figure I’m sure the New York  Times grudgingly admits to.  And with the amount of people turning out by the thousands to her book signings, I’m sure Ms. Palin won’t be going anywhere any time soon. I’m not sure what the future holds for Sarah Palin, but I can say that for right now at least, she’s a hottie hockey-mom in lipstick you betcha, and in a major way.



MSNBC Disgustoids Lying About Sarah Again- So, Where’s Jon Stewart?

November 13, 2009


I saw this video on Hot Air of Sarah Palin, and once again am floored by the absolute disgusting treatment of her, even though at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised. Whatever your personal feelings are about the former governor, you have to agree that the level of harassment and disrespect by the media towards her has hit catastrophic proportions. And this video is no different. The treatment of her is dishonest, disgraceful, and of course it’s a horrible double standard. For example, just last week Hannity aired incorrect footage of the Anti-Health Care rally that took place in Washington DC.  Jon Stewart immediately pointed it out, which he should, and  Hannity did the right thing and apologized, which HE should.  So where’s this going? In this appalling MSNBC video, they show doctored pictures of Sarah Palin’s head on other female’s bodies wearing very little clothing while they proceed to poke fun of her and berate her. So where’s John Stewart on this one I wonder? And will MSNBC apologize for the use of its disparaging pictures? Heh, what do you think?