“Slaughter Solution” is a Go: Slayed by Tanner

March 18, 2010

The Republicans tried to prevent Pelosi and the Dems from using the “Slaughter Solution” to essentially pass socialized healthcare without even a vote. However that Republican resolution was voted down today 222-203. It’s no surprise that our very own rep, John Tanner, was once again on the side of Nancy Pelosi and the other liberal socialists  democrats and against his constituents.   I wonder if  that little bribe is doing the trick.  Dan Collins has the entire roll call here.  Funny every time  libs in Washington open their  mouths, this is all I hear.

It’s really grating on my nerves.


PS: Here’s what Hot Air has to say about it.

Botoxicated Nancy Speaks Again

March 12, 2010

And it’s all eloquant and lovely, of course.  I hope you’re calling your Blue Dogs in the House, because the healthcare vote is about to do down even as early as Monday. Nancy P. is holding house members captive until the socialist monstrosity is passed. After all, as Rush pointed out today, it’s imperitave that all the photographer’s, writers, artists, etc. be able to explore their passions without having to hold down a real job to pay for their healthcare.

Anyway, they are invoking what is aptly called “The Slaughter Solution” which you can read all about here.  But don’t you worry your pretty little heads because it’s all very virtuous and upright and everything.  I mean, this is the “most ethical congress” EVAH!  Remember?!


PS: Serr8d has a great post on this topic. He makes an interesting point to his rep, Bart Gordon, about the health care vote. It’s the same one I made to John Tanner when I called his office as well. We can’t hold these guys accountable at this point  because they are quitting, but what kind of legacy do they want to leave office with?

Also read Michelle Malkin, she’s brilliant.

Obama and Another Broken Promise, So Why Is Anyone Surprised?

January 6, 2010

I distinctly remember the populist remarks made by Mr. Obama during the campaign that all debates would be open to viewing by the public, and that C-Span would have open access. I also distinctly remember Ms. Botoxicated Nancy saying in 2006, that the democratic congress would be (oh what were her words) that’s right, “the most honest, most open, and ethical congress in history.”

Well here we are 3 years later with a government take-over of our health care at stake and all these broken promises. Obama’s poll numbers take a nose-dive every day and Congress is at an all time low. While our congressmen and senators and president buy-off votes and meet behind closed doors to discuss OUR healthcare and OUR future, I have to ask the question: Why is anyone surprised? Did you actually BELIEVE Obama and Pelosi meant what they said? I guess plenty did. They got elected after all.


What’s It Worth to You?

December 10, 2009

As the debate of government-run health care drastically heats up, a very important amendment at least to me was defeated on Tuesday. Nelson’s amendment against publically funding abortions was voted against in the Senate. So as the bill stands now, we could be paying to kill babies with our tax dollars.

I went to hear Mike Huckabee speak last Friday at a fundraising event, and while I am not a Huckabee supporter, he made some comments about the worth of a human life that I have been mulling over ever since. To summarize his words:  the most important issue intrinsic to our nation is not  the war on terror or even  the economy; it is the value of a human life. If we do not fight for every human to have his or her chance to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, than we as a nation have nothing left. Everything falls apart.  He went on to say that if we continue to teach our children that life is not valuable, that it can easily be disposed of once it becomes an inconvenience, then why would they care for us as we age? What core beliefs about life would they hold dear?

I read a book once as a young girl that forever changed my life. It’s a book called Winterflight by Joseph Bayly, and I think it’s so pertinant to what we are dealing with today. It delves into the horror of a  future where human life is easily disposible, where old age and disabilities are cause for eradication. Life is no longer a beautiful and valuable gift.

Now, I don’t want to be a fear monger; but I firmly believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness start with our unborn babies. If we as a nation cannot protect them, if we can so easily dispose of a child because he or she would be an inconvenience  or a punishment as our President once said, then what is to stop us from a future where the old and the weak become too much of a burden as well? I agree with Gov. Huckabee on this issue. The value of a human life is truly priceless, and those of us that recognize that must never stop fighting for it.



October 6, 2009


It looks like the president is back and ready to fight hard once again for so called health care reform. He spoke to a group of doctors, all in favor of  his health care changes, mind you, and then posed with them for a nice, neat, little photo-op.

Now all this was done in a renewed effort to get the American public to believe that health care reform is what most doctors think is best for all of us. And the picture certainly makes it seem that way, but what the Whitehouse won’t tell you is that this particular group of doctors was personally invited by the president and most are members of Doctors for America, an organization that wants government run health care.  The problem I have with photo-0ps lobama-and-docsike this is that it sends a misguided message to the American people. A message to me that says, I am the president, I know what’s best for you, and all doctors support me; at least that’s how my ultra-conservative eyes see it.

When will the president and those in Congress wake up and realize the American people do not want healthcare shoved down our throats? We do not want sweeping changes to our health care system.  How many more polls, how many more tea parties, or marches on Washington, before our elected officials listen? Enough with the charade and enough with the propagandizing. That is not what the American people need.

This is what we do need. Charles Krauthammer explains the kind of real reforms our health care system could use. He mentions two things, tort reform, and severing employer-provided health insurance.  Those two things along with allowing people to choose insurance plans from across the country are real solutions; and not just  pretty little propandaganda-ish photo-ops.


PS: Like always, Michelle Malkin brilliantly shed’s light on the little stunt pulled by Whitehouse. Read it and learn!

The White House Cry Babies

September 21, 2009


Yesterday, President Obama made the rounds of Sunday shows to try and sell his and Axlerod’s new version of the Health Care Bill. All the rounds accept Fox that is. News anchor Chris Wallace was the only Sunday anchor who was not granted an interview. Chris Wallace had this to say about the current administration:

I think by calling the President and his staff the biggest bunch of crybabies he’s seen in the last 30 years, it’s safe to say that the chances of him ever getting an interview with the president are over. But he’s right. So Fox News leans right. Of course we know that, it’s obvious. But didn’t President Obama want to bring our country together? So what better way is there than to face the conservative news juggernaut? I found this old video of our President promising bipartisanship and unity, but clearly we have come along way since the debates.

How many bills such as health care has our President tried to push through without any Republican voice? More broken promises? And now one way he can help unite this country is by not being afraid to go into the Lion’s Den which is Chris Wallace and Fox News (I know they’re so scary!!!) and discuss Health Care in front of Conservative viewers. It turns me off that he doesn’t want to go on the show.  Our president wants to push his agenda regardless of the fact the majority of Americans don’t want it. Where’s the respect and what’s he trying to hide?  Face Chris Wallace, let the millions of Americans that tune into Fox News hear your side, and in the words of the Fox News Anchor, stop being such a big crybaby!


Glenn Beck Project: Day 3

September 10, 2009

Day 3: frustration bordering on anger.

I took a night to simmer down before writing this post on Wednesday’s show.

I’m so tired of Beck’s tone, like he’s always delivering an infuriating secret. If someone with happiness, or even just a normal tone delivered the same “news”, would America be so taken by this guy? Instead since he’s constantly indignant, he whips his viewers up to anger with him, despite the fact that today’s show was pure speculation on the government, Sunstein, politicians, etc…

And he’s constantly pitching his show tomorrow. “The tide’s about to turn.”

I don’t know how anyone does it. The next time you watch him, note your mood after the show, not just once but for a week. Are you angry or frustrated or scared? Because that’s how Beck wants you.

Alright, Cass Sunstein. He’s prob. going to take all the dairy and meat out of your kids school lunches, take away all the guns, eventually stop the availability of meat, and somehow abolish the 2nd amendment. Oh, and he cries over a working chicken. All of this was given as theory presented as fact for what Sunstein might do. It’s hard sometimes to catch the phrase “Likely to” thrown in before these ideas.

Here’s Beck’s proof that Sunstein hates the 2nd amendment. He edited the video, but I found it in full. THis is the only “proof” provided all show. He may have backed his other theories up on earlier shows. If he did, I’d love to see it. Enjoy the music at the beginning.

But what really got me upset was this:

Beck asked yesterday, “Who divided us?” Beck doesn’t want us to be divided. He mentions that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a democrat, independant, republican, he’s just trying to give you the truth.

Minutes later, Beck says Obama has declared 9/11 a national day of service. He looks bewildered, shakes his head, says, “Why a national day of service when the service came on 9/12?”

Who divided us? How about you Mr. Beck? The President declares 9/11 a day of service, and you declare your own day of service ONE DAY LATER. Beck sees 9/12 as a day for democrats and republicans to get together, unite like they did on 9/12 before, but Washington wants you to unite on 9/11- How dare they!

This behavior is ridiculous. To balk at 9/11 just to declare and hope for the exact same thing on 9/12. Don’t get confused here- Beck is a strong divisive force. It doesn’t matter what the Pres or gov says. He’s already made up his mind. “I don’t need to watch the (Health Care) speech. I don’t need to hear about it.”

But no, Beck is NOT the problem, it’s DC!

As Beck says, “Stand up! Come, follow me.”

One last note, since Beck is a Morman, do you think he intentionally invokes Christ’s call, “Come, follow me”? Just a final thought. I’m sorry it’s speculation. Caught it from Beck.

Waaah, Waaah, Waaah

August 27, 2009


The Liberals have been doing a lot of whining lately.

They whine about talk radio.


They whine about so-called health care reform.


They whine about CEO salaries.


They whine about the “teabaggers.”


And now they’re whining about “the mob.”


So I thought I’d just point out, that all the whining makes you sound like this:

Annoying isn’t it?


The Last Kennedy

August 27, 2009

I’ve been impressed (this rarely happens) with how the media  has handled Ted Kennedy’s death.  If you know anything about Kennedy, you know his political career was far from a fairy tale. I expected all of the turmoil to be glossed over as it often is when a political figure or entertainer dies, but so far what I’ve read has shown Kennedy truthfully- a flawed, yet influential and well-loved senator.

Even though I didn’t agree with all of his political stances, I do admire one thing in particular- his consistent fight for the things he believed in, despite his failed presidential campaigns and a lot of personal drama. He remained active on those issues until the end, showing him to possess incredible courage to stand for what he thought was right.

Some of the best articles I’ve read about Sen. Kennedy:

Time- Ted Kennedy in his own words

NPR- A bio in 9 minutes

CNN-  Can anyone in the senate match Ted Kennedy’s clout?

ABC Good Morning America- McCain on Kennedy

And for the record, I don’t think Health Care will pass this year, despite rumors of a renewed push to honor Kennedy’s life-long passion.