Let the Spinning Start

November 5, 2009


I love how predictable the liberals are becoming. Much was said about the  highly publicized and hotly contested race for NY’s 23rd district between the third party, totally unknown canditate, Doug Hoffman and the liberal Bill Owens.  Many key conservatives come out in support of Hoffman, including Fred Thompson, Rush Limbaugh, and even Sarah Palin. Even by overcoming seemingly impossible odds, Hoffman managed to oust the RINO Republican Dede Scazzafava from the race despite relative anonymity and no money. But in the end, Hoffman lost to the democrat by three points, and I guess this was to be expected. It would have taken an act of God for the quiet, inhibited Hoffman to win even with the support of the likes of Limbaugh and Palin.

But how quickly the liberals begin to spin their wordy webs; touting the loss of Hoffman as another loss for Palin, yet another failure. This was a loss of the Tea Party movement, a supposed slap in the face of true conservatism everywhere. The Republican party is in deep turmoil, and on and on.

Well, I for one, couldn’t more vehemently disagree. This race is a resounding message to both Blue Dogs and RINOS everywhere, that if you don’t get back to your fiscally conservative roots, and stand against big taxes and big government, we the people will VOTE YOU OUT! 2010 is right around the corner, and if our congressmen and women do not get their acts together soon, I have a feeling there is a major upheaval coming. And I can’t wait.