October 21, 2009

by Andrea Burke

The top 20 was originally scheduled to air last week, but finally, FINALLY, this show is about to get good. And we the viewers deserve it after suffering through all the audition episodes! And having to listen to Tyce be a bitchy prima donna.

Tonight, the season really starts, If you’ve never seen SYTYCD, here’s a look at 3 of my favorite numbers!

First up, Season 5 winner Jeanine (my favorite from the beginning of the season) and her original partner Philip with Hip Hop.

Next Season 3’s Danny and Lacey, who can now be seen as one of the “pros” on Dancing with the Stars.

And the last for this post, one of the most talked about pieces from season 5: Kayla and Kupono choreographed by the brilliant Mia Michaels.

There are so many other dances I could post, so much beautiful art to come out of this TV show (who’d have thought), but I’ll leave it at that.

Watch tonight to see the top 20! And then, the dancing really begins!

P.S. While we’re talking about Wednesday night TV, I’m back on board for the Glee episode directed by Joss Whedon, but that’s another post.