“Slaughter Solution” is a Go: Slayed by Tanner

March 18, 2010

The Republicans tried to prevent Pelosi and the Dems from using the “Slaughter Solution” to essentially pass socialized healthcare without even a vote. However that Republican resolution was voted down today 222-203. It’s no surprise that our very own rep, John Tanner, was once again on the side of Nancy Pelosi and the other liberal socialists  democrats and against his constituents.   I wonder if  that little bribe is doing the trick.  Dan Collins has the entire roll call here.  Funny every time  libs in Washington open their  mouths, this is all I hear.

It’s really grating on my nerves.


PS: Here’s what Hot Air has to say about it.

Botoxicated Nancy Speaks Again

March 12, 2010

And it’s all eloquant and lovely, of course.  I hope you’re calling your Blue Dogs in the House, because the healthcare vote is about to do down even as early as Monday. Nancy P. is holding house members captive until the socialist monstrosity is passed. After all, as Rush pointed out today, it’s imperitave that all the photographer’s, writers, artists, etc. be able to explore their passions without having to hold down a real job to pay for their healthcare.

Anyway, they are invoking what is aptly called “The Slaughter Solution” which you can read all about here.  But don’t you worry your pretty little heads because it’s all very virtuous and upright and everything.  I mean, this is the “most ethical congress” EVAH!  Remember?!


PS: Serr8d has a great post on this topic. He makes an interesting point to his rep, Bart Gordon, about the health care vote. It’s the same one I made to John Tanner when I called his office as well. We can’t hold these guys accountable at this point  because they are quitting, but what kind of legacy do they want to leave office with?

Also read Michelle Malkin, she’s brilliant.

Obama and Another Broken Promise, So Why Is Anyone Surprised?

January 6, 2010

I distinctly remember the populist remarks made by Mr. Obama during the campaign that all debates would be open to viewing by the public, and that C-Span would have open access. I also distinctly remember Ms. Botoxicated Nancy saying in 2006, that the democratic congress would be (oh what were her words) that’s right, “the most honest, most open, and ethical congress in history.”

Well here we are 3 years later with a government take-over of our health care at stake and all these broken promises. Obama’s poll numbers take a nose-dive every day and Congress is at an all time low. While our congressmen and senators and president buy-off votes and meet behind closed doors to discuss OUR healthcare and OUR future, I have to ask the question: Why is anyone surprised? Did you actually BELIEVE Obama and Pelosi meant what they said? I guess plenty did. They got elected after all.


Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: The Women

November 10, 2009


The Liberals vs. The Conservatives

So yes, I admit, it’s come to this. I know we are supposed to be above “looks” as a society and we should focus on brains, and all that jazz, but as I was watching the events of the health care debate unfold this past week, I just couldn’t help but notice the stark differences between the liberal women in politics and their conservative counterparts, both physically and more. That’s when I noticed, Conservative women are way hotter than Liberals! I mean seriously, it’s not even close!!! And I have the examples to prove it, starting with the queen of Capital Hill, herself, Nancy Pelosi.

Ummm yeah, no words needed.

Now compare Botoxicated Nancy to her Conservative counterparts, Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachmann:

See what I mean? This conservative dynamic duo is almost too hot for their own good. And I don’t even need to mention Sarah Palin, but moving on…

So what about big political talking heads? I think conservatives clearly win here as well. I mean against the likes of Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin, I’m sorry, but Rachel Maddow and Janeane Garofalo just don’t  stand a chance!

Now after all the scientific research I have done, I am even more convinced conservative women are way hotter that liberal women, and if you still don’t believe me, take a look at conservative-leaning  Megyn Kelly:

I mean, seriously, how are you even gonna argue?

So that settles it. With tempers raging on both sides of the aisle and our freedoms and liberty at stake in the Senate now, I think it’s important to take the time and focus on all the things that really matter most, who is the hotti-est or notti-est, and hands down, I’m proud to say, go Conservative females. We totally kick ass in the looks department, and the smarts, well, those go without saying.


Botoxicated Nancy’s Healthcare Farce Exposed

November 5, 2009


So what exactly is in Botoxicated Nancy’s ginormous 2000 page healthcare bill? Well, for those of you that really want to know, the GOP has the answers.  As the democrats are set to vote for the bill this Saturday, and the debate on the government take over reaches new intensity with thousands protesting in Washington today, it’s important to know the facts about what this almost 2 trillion dollar bill means for you and me, and the future generation of Americans to come. For the truth seekers out there, I strongly recommend you check out the 12 Truths About the Pelosi healthcare Plan at http://www.gop.com/

It’s time people. This is it. We need to let Nancy Pelosi and her minions in Washington know, that we don’t want this healthcare bill shoved down our throat.