I Got Your Sanctions- Take that Iran!

September 30, 2009


So the “tiny country” that poses no threat is defying the US and our sovereign leader and has been caught building another nuclear plant.  The really pathetic thing about the whole situation is that the news comes right on the heels of the G20 meetings. While our president gives beautiful speeches ponitificating on a world where there are no more nuclear weapons, our scariest enemy with the scariest dictator is building up new ones right under our nose. And now our president is in a hard place. God knows that World War 3 is not something I would ever ask for, but how can our president be tough on Ahmadina-d-bag the Holocaust denier, and get them to “tear down” those weapons?

Well, we got our answer from our President just a couple days ago. And here it is— Sanctions, yeah you heard me sanctions. Here is the video of Obama’s full response. And as you watch notice the commanding presence with which he delivers it.

Thank you Mr. President for clarifying once again, that Iran has a right to nuclear energy. That’s good, let the wackjob who is bent on destroying Israel and The Great Satan, America ,have it. Oh and I also love the stop it or else… we’ll do something you won’t really like very much part too. That’s the way to get to him. I’m sure Ahmadina-d-bag is quaking in his boots after that. Or… not so much.

So to help our President out, I have developed a list of possible sanctions he can add that I think will really make Iran think twice about finishing that nuclear plant. because obviously, the other ones  just aren’t cutting it.  So here they are:

1. We should ban the import of burkas into the US from Iran, that’s right, ban the burkas. That will totally annihilate the burka exporting industry that Iran is so dependent on.

2. No more luxury vacationing in Iran by Americans. I know it’s a touristic hotspot, but if we put our foot down and stop traveling there, those plants will come down for sure.

3. We will ban the import of all Iranian food to the US. That’s right we don’t want your Koo-Koo Seeb-zamini or Dolme Felfel. So you can just keep it. No more soup for you! Crush the Iranian food export industry!

and finally

4. Americans will no longer listen and jam out to Iranian music. The Iranian music industry will suffer harshly from that one. Cue the Iranian music here: music.htm

So there you have it. I think if our President could just incorporate these sanctions into the ones he wants, Iran will listen, all will be good, there will be no more nuclear bombs, and I should win the Nobel Prize for Peace.


PS: Allahpundit wrote an excellent piece on the Iran problem at Hotair. He ends by asking how the dynamics in Iran would be different in Saddam were still in charge in Iraq. An interesting thought and one for which I am glad we don’t have to know the answer.