Republican? Senator Scott Brown

January 22, 2010

I’ve been trying to avoid politics since Christmas.

Its true.

But I’m back to talk to you about Scott Brown.

It’s all about Money. (and maybe good looks) Otherwise, why elect Scott Brown? In fact, fiscally-conservative is the only way he seems to qualify as a republican at all (he does say he’ll vote against national health care). Socially, I would say he’s a moderate to liberal. (his Issues section on his web-site)

He’s pro-choice, and favors states to decide individually on gay marriage, so what gives?

While republicans hold him up as a poster boy for his party, I’m continuing to wonder, as I have since McCain lost the election, where does the republican party stand? Does it care about the issues anymore? or just trying to get another guy who will stamp an R by his name in the senate?

SO with this win, yes, its a Republican in Ted Kennedy’s former seat, but while you all cheer and get so excited, you guys might pause to think what Republicans are agreeing to. What precedent are you setting?

It seems 2010 will be an interesting year, watching the Republican party lay down some of its hardest-fought fights to claim back some power, but I can’t help but wonder at what cost?

I’m just curious.

Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: Martha Coakley vs. Scott Brown

January 18, 2010

OK, since everyone in the entire United States just can’t seem to get enough of the Coakley/Brown race, I’ve determined to blog about it once again, and hopefully for the last time ever. As the residents of Massachusetts get set to head to the polls tomorrow with the future of our freedom and liberty and health care at stake (heehee), I’ve decided to crown one of them a hottie and the other well, you know the drill by now.

And yes, of course Martha Coakley is the Nottie.  I mean how could she not be? With her campaign in utter disarray, and the gaffe-tastic episodes, so perfectly Biden-esque, spewing daily from her mouth and other places, it’s beginning to look like she has no chance at a win. Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller, documents her many gaffes perfectly, including things like misspelling Massachusetts in an ad; shunning Red Sox fans;  and my personal favorite, calling Curt Schilling a Yankees fan. Schilling, a Yankees fan? Hysterical!!!  Now, I’m sure if I wanted to I could find another whole host of reasons for making Coakley my nottie, but I think those are enough to suffice for now.

Now as for Scott Brown, and yes I know I’ll probably go to Hell for this, all you have to do is take one look at the guy to know what a Hottie he is. I have to admit, I know much more about all the reasons I would never vote for Coakley, than all the reasons I WOULD vote for Brown. But if I’m going to be completely superficial (and I enjoy being that every once in a while) I have to admit foremost that Brown is a complete and total Hottie. I know no one wants to discuss the whole posing nude in Cosmo thing, but I can’t help but find it a plus. I mean it WAS years ago after all, and if I’m being truly honest with myself, that pic takes me to a happy place which involves the Firefly song, Scott Brown, champagne, and well you get the picture. Now, I’m sure there are many other amazing qualities about him that are worthy of hottness, and a senate seat,  but for now I’m happy just focusing on the one. Hopefully there are lots of other females in Massachusetts who feel the same way.


*Icky* Coakley Loves Pedophiles Apparently

January 15, 2010

Why is this senate race between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley in Massachusetts so important? Well for one thing if the Republican candidate, Scott Brown can pull out a victory, it will prevent the libs from having a 60 seat majority, which to remind you, dear reader, holds strong implications for all of us. Plus it would be an amazing victory for a republican to hold a senate seat in what has been SUCH a democratic stronghold. I mean Ted Kennedy’s seat? REALLY?

So there has been lots of bad press floating around about the democratic challenger Martha Coakley, but probably none more horrible than two pieces of information blogged about tonight, at least in my opinion.  In the first, Leon Wolf from Redstate points out how as a former district attorney, she let a repulsive pedophile priest off the hook, making the case that

At the very least it suggests that a large part of Coakley’s entire narrative of a candidate – to wit, that she is “tough on crime” (and sex offenders in particular), is more or less crap. Well, at least when it comes to pedophiles. One wonders when she developed a soft spot for pedophiles…

Aaaannnnd, to make matters worse another story has surfaced that will make your head explode (yes, pull out that duct tape before reading). Ace of Spades  blogs about a story so utterly disgusting, that I as a survivor of abuse myself, cannot even bear to discuss it. Lets just say a cop rapes his 24 month old niece, and again Coakley as DA does nothing.

At this point, it will amaze me to see how voters in Massachusetts could still possibly vote for the vile Ms. Coakley even despite all the  endorsements she has received from so-called friends in *high* places.

For some good news in this race, it does appear that Scott Brown has done the impossible and pulled ahead for the time being which is just so damn awesome.