Andrea’s Pop Culture Essentials

October 12, 2009

October 11-17

1. Paranormal Activity– Tis the season for scary movies, and I hear this one is a doozy. Too bad I’ll probably have to wait another month before it comes to my local  theater. It should be everywhere else Oct 16.

2. 30 Rock is back! 8:30 Oct. 15 on NBC

3. Paris, je t’aime – I’ll never forget seeing this collection of short films set in (you guessed it) Paris at the Bel Court theater in Nashville. Loved it.  New York, I Love You gets a limited release this week, but Paris is on DVD. Watch it and cross your fingers that New York will be half as good.

4. Congrats Obama, but I’m most interested in the other surprise winner of the Nobel Prize- Herta Mueller -this one in Literature. Never heard of her (I’m not alone, judging by the news articles) so I might be picking up her book The Land of Green Plums or The Appointment this week

5. So You Think You Can Dance– Finally the top 20 on Thursday (Oct 15)! Now is the time to start watching.

6. Drag me to Hell on DVD Oct 13- Never saw it, but I heard it’s scary.

7. Ugly Betty is back too. 7:00 Friday Oct 16 on ABC